Seasonal events

Its time to throw in the towel and give up on Forza motorsports, turn ten and playground games ! I really don't know what there problem is but I am fed up with them messing with my game and I am not going to wreck my 400$ wheel trying to do a race and keep the cars on the track ! They have made it so my apponents drive beyond insane they hold my cars back so I cant get up in first place I have to fight the cars and drive like a jerk just to get into first place ( its totally un called for ) Doing the seasonal champion ship events in horizon 4 they did something to my game so coming up to the finish line the screen flickers and the car goes all out of control (again totally un called for) I was doing the classic muscle car champion ship race at expert level on Fortune Island with a B class car I used the Hemi Cuda I came in 2nd place with it stock no tunes, I upgraded the tires shocks and air cleaner to a B700 I test drove the car all over the roads it handle great and it would get up to 150 mph, I went back and redid the race it was a horror show they held my car back I was lucky if I could get it above 50 mph and had no control of it it was all out of control ( yet again totally uncalled for )
ITS A GAME IT IS SUPPOSE TO BE FUN AND ENJOY PLAYING NOT CAUSE YOU TO STRESS OUT TRYING TO PLAY IT I played Gran Turismo right from the first addition up to GT6 and they messed it all up and that's when I went to Xbox and the Forza motorsports I started with Forza 4 thru 7 and then Horizon 4 and its been a nightmare with Forza playing there games and them messing with my game, The objective is to be fast and good and place first in a race, Its not like Im trying to win a nobble piece prize like they are treating it. That’s all I have to say ! there is no enjoyment it playing there games any more.

Are you very aggressive and ram the drivatars??

I have a friend that joins our convoy sometimes and when he does our drivitars turn absolutely stupid and they run everyone off the road. This guy leaves the convoy and the drivatars return to pro level racers.

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I do understand that if you jump the start of a race and if you hit a car it messes up the handling of your car for most of the race and I just restart the race and try to have a clean start.
When I do events that require you to score points its like I have to do 1000% more than what other players do, speed zones and traps missing it by 1mph. When I first started playing Forza 7 I was 70% blind in my left eye and I was always hitting cars, in the beginning of 2019 I lost use of my right leg and it just kept getting worse till I couldn't walk so I stopped playing the games because I couldn't sit in my cockpit and use the pedals heck I couldn't even drive my personal car , in August I had to have a bypass done and got the use of my leg back and I can walk again in October I got my left eye fixed so I can see again so I started playing my games again and I am a lot better than what I was when I first started playing and I try to have a clean race it just seems that its issue after issue with my game play.
Ive been playing sense 2013 and I am at tier 8 and only have a drivers license ( whats up with that? )

It is based on post count, I believe.