season pass xbox 360

hi hope someone can help my 9year old son bought the season pass yesterday with his own money
after downloading it, then installing the rally expansion and pick a couple of the car packs to try out
he goes to his garage and they not there, if he checks in the show room it says he still needs to pay with cr or tokens to buy the cars
we tried to reboot the xbox and dl them again but its the same
am i doing something wrong
cheers marc

As far as I recall you’ll need in-game credits/tokens to purchase the dlc cars in Forza Horizon. If you buy the Forza Horizon2 season pass you’ll get the dlc cars in-game for free, but that is one time only.
If later on another account wants to buy the dlc cars in-game he has to pay them with credits/tokens.

so what does the season pass give him then for his £20 if you still have to buy cars with credit or tokens

The season pass adds more cars (car packs)to the autoshow,ready to purchase with credits/tokens. As far as I know it is stated in the description of the season pass…something like : you need ingame credits to purchase the cars.

thanks for you help skreppiedoe not your fault i no i just want a rant
i just feel ripped off as he has spent £20 thinking he would get a load of cars but has nothing untill he wins more races and buys them AGAIN with in game credit all we read was whats on marketplace
it wasnt made very clear that you dont automatically get the cars you pay for

As a Season Pass owner, you’ll receive six packs of six cars each to be released monthly from November 2012 until April 2013. With a Season Pass you automatically receive the first Forza Horizon game expansion pack to be released in December. Season Pass owners will also immediately receive the six car October Pack and five more exclusive cars delivered one per month until March 2013 at no additional cost. Buy a Season Pass today! Visit for more details.

If you want to, i can buy the expensive cars for you and then gift them. I would be happy to make use of my 40 Million credits.
Just send me a friend request and soon, the cars will appear in your message center in the game!
GT: SkyFlows