Help with Top Gear Expansion Pack??

I am new to Forzaa nd Horizon and loved it so much I bought the Top Gear DLC within an hour of starting Forza Horizon.
None of the cars are showing in my ge or available at Auto Show as already purchased.
Am I missing a step?
hanks in Advance,

You still have to buy the car with in game credits.

Sorry for all of the typos.

Lemme get this straight, I shelled out real money to buy them in in game credit?
Let me go a little further on this DLC topic. I am downloading the Rally Expansion Pack as I type this. Aside from buying the gars and parts, are there any other details I need to know?

Well just from quickly looking at DLC listed I was able to see all the fine print listed with a pack. It said right on it " In-game credits or Tokens are required to add these cars to your career garage." Here is just one place it’s listed. From what I can see all the DLC states that.

As far as any other details, I’m not sure what else there is. You have to shell out credits in all the Forza games for cars.

Except Forza 5 they have decided to do away with the in game credits needed to buy DLC cars from what I beleive.
Just thought I would throw that in.

Not 100% true. You get one of each free. If you want duplicates, you have to buy them with tokens or IGC like usual.

Are you referring to Forza Or 5 ??