Screen space reflections

Soin the update 5.0 they said they improved the quality of screen space reflections do you guys have any comparison before and after?
I don’t know but I think they were sharper when using the hood camera. When going on Nürburgring nordschleife trees on the hood look a blurry mess.

Or maybe it’s just me my brain trying to confuse me .

I was recently on FM7 and the screen space reflections look sharper when it rains the car reflections on track are top notch !

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The SSR changes that came with Update 5 “fixed”/mitigated the wipers disocclusion artifacts.

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Forza 7 did not use screen space reflections for track reflections, it used planar reflections (duplicating and inverting geometry) which is why you can see upside-down cars passing by on the road below when crossing an overpass.