Saleen s5 Raptor Cockpit- and driverview are to far behind

They are to far behind so you can see the clothes of the driver and the driver sits not in the middle, to far to right side.
Hope it would be fixed. Thanks

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Yeah, i just wanted to create a topic for this problem. I made a screenshot about it:

I actually like that view tbh

Ok but the head in this view sits not on the body. and if the car had back seats und could sit there then the view was ok…lol and then you must leaning your head to the right.
For me it’s ridiculous because forza horizon was the first game in the forza series where the cockpitviews are really god. Even I prefer option where you can move your seat back, forward, up and. I don’t mean FOV. But so far we didn’t have that option It would be very nice that all views follow a standard.
Maybe for alien with six feet long legs it’s perfect. That doesn’t mean that I think your an alien :wink:

Hope this fixed asap, the cockpit view of this car as of now is pretty bad imo

Yeah the cockpit for the Saleen S5S Raptor is completely broken, please fix.

I can’t drive the Saleen with the cockpit view like that. Please fix it.

Here is a screenshot of the broken Saleen S5S Raptor cockpit:

Here is a screenshot of the perfect Lamborghini Aventador J cockpit: