Safety car

Add safety car when an accident happens for more realism.

I’d vote yes but only in high skill level endurance races, and only with full sim damage or vs AI. In a short race, an accident will be happening every 30 seconds and seeing as cars recover within 15 seconds there’s no point to do a lap under safety car. I think single and double yellows make more sense.


Of course, this feature is optional. You’ll be able to activate it via race setup menu.


Or have trackside Marshalls waving yellow flags

Safety Car really wouldn’t get used if it were an option because it’s over before you know it.

Maybe a Safety Car for rolling starts but it’s just more resources that really doesn’t do much.

If there was a complete damage model where the A.I Cars can get terminal damage with parts that fall off and the vehicle needs to be recovered in endurance races it would work but that’s about it

Already voted for race flags.