Race flags (visual info about track activity)

Bring in Yellow and Blue Flags! Also Black flags for drivers with low race ettiquette

Black flags could become a bit problematic if done by AI, but the race host/race stewards should be able to kick drivers from the race manually.


So there could be a Steward role in the spectator section where the host of the lobby selects one or more people to be “stewards”. They have a list of flags with their descriptions, and a penalty list on their UI and an ability to have a live race replay where they can “go back in time” and investigate incidents. They can then select the correct flag and/or penalty and then select a gamertag/sector to be affected. This would be awesome. But white/checkered flags should be flown by AI because there isn’t really much a human needs to do for that. Another cool thing that could be done is have an option for a safety car to come out (as decided by stewards) and will slow and lead the pack for one lap or even possibly until the entire grid is together like in F1 games. To further elaborate on the role of “steward” or “marshial” is that there could be a voting UI where the stewards, if there is more than one, can vote on a penalty/flag. If a majority select [Agree] then the flag will be shown on driver’s screens and will be affected accordingly. If a majority select [Disagree] then the flag/penalty will not be recieved by the players.


Any response from the developers on this ? I think flags would bring a lot of immersion. Would be cool if there would be 3D Marshalls on track waving for example a yellow flag when a car spins. It works well in the F1 games. Or maybe at least display the flags on the UI.

Not how this works, you won’t get a dev response.

How about a chequered flag at the end too?


Yellow flag in the event of a serious accident on the track and a blue flag for vehicles to be lapped

All the flags, including checked flags at the end.

It is a motorsport simulator, without flags it is a game for kids :frowning:

At the same time we need Marshals on tracks with the flags, not only displayed on the GUI.


A red flag would be awesome too! If there is a bigger crash (on sim dmg) we sould het like an animation, and then a restart.

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Black flag is just a detail, as we already have DQ

Remove the balloons that float on the side of the tracks which for me do not add anything to the realism of the environments and replace them with track marshals with yellow or red flags

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I like this suggestion, because it increases realism and makes the races even more challenging and rewarding.


Could we please get a downloadable version for Xbox one players like cloud gaming just isn’t it and it would be awesome if the game had an Xbox one version


Sorry but there is zero chance of that happening. Too many sacrifices would need to be made to get the game running on 10-year-old hardware. If you want to play the game using an Xbox One, you’ll need to stream it via cloud gaming and GP Ultimate.

Unfortunately this is impossible because forza motorsport is just too advanced. The tire model and dynamic time of day with weather are too much for xbox one, especially the original xbox one. I know the cloud version isn’t good especially if your network is poor, but it’s the only way…

I wish for more details, for example: nascar’s green flag and IMSA’s green flag & indy500’s green flag have different meaning. If they bring back nascar, they should add thier rules as well.

Race flags should be an easy feature to implement as they are already have in place the caution message, then the green, white flags would be great.

Also the spotter could have these messages to provide some realism.

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