Roof camera should be a game camera

The roof camera view we can use in the replay mode should be a in game camera angle similar to hood view, I think that adding roof view is a simple addition for the devs to make( i really have no idea how easy or hard it is) but, it would greatly improve the first person experience allowing for a wide FOV. It would also be a good idea to allow us to customize the UI to exactly how we want it, for example being able to move the Tachometer to the center of the screen aswell as having the option for a digital tac

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Bump! Most of the competitive gt7 users/streamers use this view.
As a wheel user, the hood view without radar is kinda hard. I never know how close/far i am when im along side someone in corners.
The roof view could solve some of that issue because of a larger fov.
It really feels disadvantage to be in a hood view with wheel contra thirdperson with a controller.
And the view is already in the replay mode.
Cant be that hard to implement this over.

We want roofview!

Or radar …

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Exactly thats what im sayin