Road America Alternate

Would it be possible to remove the Road America Alternate circuits from the game, especially the West Alternate? At least reduce the number of times the come up? It seems like almost every time that Road America comes up, it’s the alternate versions. That removes “The Kink” which is a fun corner and replaces it with the bypass chicane that is used in real life for motorcycle races. All that chicane does in this game is cause a bottleneck where it becomes a demolition derby.

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Agreed 100%. The alternative tracks don’t flow and ruin what is otherwise one of the best tracks in the country

I’d rather have them,remove the track completely. I can’t seem to get the hang of it

Road America and Road Atlanta are two of my most favorite tracks, regardless of the version of the track I run.

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I totally agree. The only reason that chicane was put into the track was a safety reason for motorcycles. Hitting the kink at 130mph with the wall right there. It’s fine in the game, but it should come up as a track WAY WAY less.

Has anyone ever raced Monza full online yet? I’ve done 100’s of races and not one time has this track come up.

Same here. I’ve raced a ton of B class and I’ve not seen Monza come up in any variation nor Road America full. I don’t understand why we have 26 tracks if they aren’t in full rotation online. It’s also unfortunate that some of the full tracks when they do show up are only two lap races.

Another odd thing I’ve noticed in B class is that Watkins Glen and Bernese Alps seem to come up for vote every other race. Gets boring running those two tracks so much.

I don’t think it’s necessary to remove any tracks from rotation but rather that all tracks should be in rotation for varieties sake.

Completely agree, it ruined the track. Get rid of it please.

I can’t believe this. One of the biggest problems with Forza 5 was the lack of enough different tracks and configurations. And now you’re complaining that you want fewer courses. Nuts.

Besides, if any track should be removed, it should clearly be every single layout of Yas Marina. :wink:


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That ultra fast kink is one of my favourite corners. Chicane takes it away from me.

Plus that bit of track looks like sawn in later on, plain wrong.