Rivals mode changes?

In all the reviews I’ve read I’ve seen barely a mention of Rivals mode… does anybody know if there’s been any improvements here?

I vaguely remember in F4 your own personal best ghost would also race against you along with your chosen rival (and would update whenever you beat it)… is that back in F6? Seems if they could do it back in the days of 4 they should be able to bring it back now. Unless I’m just tripping and made up that memory…

You do remember correctly. Unfortunately, I don’t think there will be personal ghosts based on the rivals mode in the demo. There may be a workaround though where you can select your own time and “Set as Rival” to race your own ghosts but I haven’t tried it yet. Anyone know? You can definitely race other p[layers ghosts by setting them as your rival.

They did vastly improve the leaderboard filters which I think is great. They have the same categories as always (top times, nearest you, friends, etc.), but they have added filters for Hardcore times and at least “The Americas” region. I don’t know what people in other regions/countries see, but it would be cool if they could filter based on their location as well. Maybe someone can comment. There may be a few other filters, but I can’t think of them right now.

Anyway, I am looking forward to the rivals. With the added filters you can get a more accurate comparison to others racing similarly to your own personal style.

There won’t be the option to have both your ghost and the next rivals ghost, but you certainly can select your time as the rival time and race your own ghost that way. It was the same in FM5. Along with the above mentioned filters, you can also filter the leaderboards by what current league division you’re in to see how your times compare to other in your division.

The other cool new feature they added is if the rival you select has a tune on their car, you can apply the same tune directly from the rivals screen. It’s pretty cool.


!!! That would be one of my most wanted features, awesome!
The demo had my hopes up with that “files” indicator.

I’m assuming that tune would be applied only if it is shared. Not many guys up top share their top stuff among non team members or friends.

That would be good enought for me tbh., it doesn`t have the be the #1 tune.

Id just hope that tunes shared through the leaderboard are not seperate from the "regular" ones. If player A uses a shared tune from player B, player C should be able to download that through player As leaderboard entry (with player B being credited for it).

LOVE rivals…cannot wait to fire this up as soon as I get FM6! I don’t touch career for a long time!!! ALMOST TIME!

Thanks for the added info Shadow. The tune directly from the Rivals screen is another great addition. Hopefully the ability to find tunes/paints will be more convenient across the board. I will be sharing all of my leaderboard tunes as I tried to do with FM5 so check them out. You can find me at the top of the hardcore charts ;)~

Rivals is where it is at for me too Sandman. The competition is awesome, great challenge. I can feel the itch. I am going to try and broadcast my journey through the leaderboards. I guess I should start my pre-download soon.

Thanks guys… pity they can’t bring that feature back but the new filters sound good.

One other Rivals feature I’d love to see one day would be a ‘Live Rivals’ mode, where you could set up a lobby of friends and just hot-lap against each other - a little bit like a practice/qualifying session really.

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That’s simply a private lobby with collisions set to off, no?

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Deleting a post double-up

Could be… but ‘Live Rivals’ is way catchier… just rolls off the tongue

Speaking of ghosts, can you race against your personal best in Free Play? It was a useful feature in the past for tuners building leaderboard cars.

You can activate ‘ghosts’ in the settings, thought ive not tried Freeplay to see what happens

I think I learn the most and improve a lot during rivals ghost mode… but then there are those few times that I have no idea how I once ran a lap sooo well, and get frustrated LOL