Rivals explained?

Maybe the subject is a bit misleading, the last forza game I played was 4 so I understand the overall concept. However, I have noticed that the rivals are now literally every class on every track, which I do like. What I’m confused about is when I’m NOT racing in rivals why does it show up that I beat some random peoples rival? Are rivals essentially just the “new” leaderboards now? Am I able to set a rival time on a track in any form of racing in the game, ie, multiplayer, career, etc?

My other question has to do with rival notifications via in game messages. Me and a friend have been going back and forth in the SPEC rivals and we both get messages when the other one beats our time. I decided to branch out and search some “C” class rivals, I found a few tracks that listed my friends as having a faster time then me, so I joined the rival and beat their time. They all have informed me that they never received any kind of notification that I beat their times. Why is this? Our only guess is that their times were probably set while they were playing career, and maybe you only get notifications if you both set the times in the actual rivals mode.

I don’t know, I’m really confused on how this whole system actually works. Can anybody shed some light on this for me?

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I have the same exact questions! I was wondering if the rival times in career were the times that my “rival” posted doing the same race. I never got an kind of notification that my time was beaten and I don’t remember if 4 had the feature I remember Horizon provided notices.

I’ve written up a section on Rivals and Leaderboards in the FAQ thread stickied at the top of the forum but I suppose I could add more detail: Every lap you race in the game is going toward the class/track leaderboard. When you go to Rivals you’ll see your next target. If your Friends are ahead of you it should be one of them, and if not, it should be the next nearest person on the leaderboard, possibly for your Region if not Global. Those should be the named you see as "Congratulations you beat xyz, next Rival: " when you race in career.

I did read through the FAQ, and it didn’t answer my questions at all which is why I was hoping someone could get more in depth.

Now after reading your response it DOES sound like you are essentially setting “rival” times no matter where you race, career, multiplayer, rival, etc. So yes, that does answer one of the major questions I had. But I still can’t figure out why we only get notification messages from the Spec rivals and not the individual class rivals? Should we be getting notifications every time a friend beats one of my times in the game? I mean, I hope so or else this really isn’t rivals anymore, it’s just a leaderboard. And I don’t know about you guys but most of my friends are lazy, so unless they get a message they are NEVER going to scroll through 800 different rivals to see if any of their times were beat.

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You only get notifications for named Rivals events, not for ‘ordinary’ laps - probably a good thing too, as I have about a hundred friends and they race a lot, so my message center would probably melt down!


So you’re saying you get zero notifications for any of the “Time Attack” rivals?


Well that’s kind of disappointing, just kind of seems like nothing more than a re-named leaderboard now.

It would at least be nice to have the option to turn on notifications if you want, I get that some people have hundreds of friends who play forza and probably don’t want hundreds of messages daily, but at the same time I only have about 6 people on my friendslist that play Forza. So you can see why this system doesn’t work well for us at all, scrolling through 1100 rivals every day just to find the one that my friend beat me on is just not a realistic way for people like myself to search rivals. I really don’t get the thought process behind this decision at all.


Interestingly, the description for the generic Rivals event Categories states that players will be notified when you beat their time. This is obviously not happening however, so either this is a bug or an inaccurate event description.

You can always sort the leader board by friends only. I sort by “near me” sometimes looking for potential locals to possibly friend as well.

well i just race the rivals i get in my messages well not all of them some tracks are like a nightmare to me is brands hatch a great track to make my car spin around the bends no matter when i apply throttle out of the turn i get my rear end slide why i do not know, the austarlian track is Another nightmare track and COTA is the third those are my nemesis tracks :frowning: but i try and try sometimes i get lucky and can take the flag as no1.
But otherwise i have no problems with rivals what i do not get is when i put in my best lap and i beat the time set to beat all i see is my own lap time so sometimes i try and polish it but at leader bords my time is far from the best why does no other rivals come autmatically when i beat some rival times in time attack and some other challenges?

It worked fine in FH2, you got messages for all classes and rivals. It kept my message centre lively.

My FM6 message centre is pretty dead. Doesn’t help that the monthly and VIP rivals are really stale compared to previous games either.

I spend the majority of my Forza time hotlapping in Rivals and this really has taken away a massive part of the game for me.

Stale… is an understatment! The Rivals mode of FM6 is basically DEAD. Like maybe two or three (at best) new added rivals since the release! How hard could it be to simply add a new one every week? Leave the old ones, for a couple monts… and just add a new rical track/event each week to all drive types.

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Why didnt T10 fix the “updated rival ghost” glitch. instead of fixing it they just removed the ghost entirely. stupid

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