Rewards for week of Friday 14-20th

Just curious, this week, I claimed my Rewards as usual… I received no rewards message in FM4 (Also did not receive any on FH)
My rewards on the website and hub show I was supposed to get 20,000 credits in each, and it shows I got them in the redeemed rewards section, but been playing both FM4 and FH all week, and no message file has arrived in my inbox. Oddly, FM5 and FH2 awards both arrived in the respective games fine. Anyone else have this issue this week?

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Same boat…

Same for me.
New rewards tomorrow, so I won’t expect it to be resolved today.

I have redeemed every month…have not recieved rewards in 4 months anywhere! Arrrr!

yep - I have hit the redeem button every month, every week for the past month(?!) and also have not received any rewards, in-game (FM4) for …months.

Same here, did not receive any rewards prior to June 2015, then after the post received them for 1 month (but only in FM4, not in FH). And starting from first week of August no rewards even in FM4. This things strangely correlate with whenever FM3 servers are crashing =).

Myself and my friend about both experiencing this now. Zero rewards are delivered to 4 or Horizon. :frowning:


I only get my rewards Inside FM5, Horizon 2 nothing in Forza Horizon and Forza motorsport 4 since many months even if it is mentionned that it has been sent…

And I’m another one that’s not gotten rewards in FM4 or FH1 for a 3 weeks at least, possibly longer.

And Forza Hub isn’t updating the number of cars purchased in FM4 though it did pick up the FH ones.

Add me to the list with Forza 4 updating problems.

FH and F3 have updated the car amounts owned but F4 won’t and also no rewards redeemed either.

i haven’t gotten rewards for FM4 or FH1 in a long time. i can’t even remember. also my FH1 paid dlc does’t update count and my FM4 only updates some fields but not others (days played, dlc, perfect passes, and cars owned don’t update)

Add me to the list as well for this issue in FM4 and FH1 (and FM5/FH2 for this week). While I have enough cars in FM4 for the 5mil bonus in FM6, I don’t in FH1, and any money would be helpful. I know the older games will probably drop from rewards as the newer games become available, but if that’s the case, don’t show them in the list of rewards to redeem.

EDIT: So earlier today I had claimed my new rewards via the website, but none of them showed up in-game (FH1, FH2, FM4, or FM5). Was playing some FH1 a bit ago and bought some new cars to push my way to 300+. Afterwards, I went into Forza Hub on my XB1 to see if it had noticed the car count change (I went from under 200 to over 200), and it did, but I also noticed that it said I had new rewards waiting to be claimed. I claimed my rewards, again, and afterwards when I went into my games (all four) my rewards showed up. Not sure if something finally got fixed on the backend, or if claiming rewards is only working through the Forza Hub app right now. If you still don’t have your rewards and you have an XB1, I recommend going into the app and trying to claim your rewards there.


thanks for info…will check out today!

It appears… (touch wood!) that they managed to fix the in-game CR rewards distribution problem! – I received my rewards CR in-game today (31 Aug) - check your in-game gift messages – Yippee!

I got mine yesterday - but only got 3 of the 4 weeks (not that I need the credits).

not that I need the credits either (I just thought folks would like to know…)


“…only got 3 of the 4 weeks” – ?

explain, please.

Claimed the rewards from the 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th which were each 80,000 CR but only received a total of 240,000CR which is 3 weeks worth instead of 320,000.

Claimed the rewards from the 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th which were each 80,000 CR but only received a total of 240,000CR which is 3 weeks worth instead of 320,000.

240,000 recieved… finally! Lol…

rewards are monthly, no?