Latest update not getting weekly Rewards

Thought maybe it was just an issue with one game or the other. I checked last night to get my rewards, it said they were granted. But neither Forza Motorsport 7 or Horizon for gave me the 500,000 I should be getting. Has anyone else experienced this since they were both updated? I have waited and rebooted my consoles and PC, not showing up anywhere.

Same here, not getting Forza HUB rewards.

Same here for the last two weeks. No rewards (500.000) from Forza 7 or Horizon .

Same here. Had the same problem in Horizon 3 and now again. Why bother putting in a reward scheme, if it’s likely to fail.

Also having this issue.

Same here.

Same here. On FH4 and FM7.

I can confirm this happening, I haven’t got the Reward in Forza Horizon 4. Also, my brother can’t redeem the two new Car Pass cars in the game, but this may be an unrelated issues. The games says “this card will be released on January 17”. Even today…

Same here

Same here.