[ANSWERED] Forza rewards not received

Anyone else not received ther weekly rewards in FH4 and FM7 this rewards system needs a new software if you ask me this one coming to its EOL just like a game

Not got mine either, I assumed it is just a slight(?) delay in delivery.

nope didn’t receive mine either, only checked fm7 and fh4 though, no longer play any others

Claimed mine first thing yesterday morning so it’s over 24hrs am sure there is others as well

I claimed for my rewards on Friday via the Forza Hub App but I didn’t get my rewards for FH4 either yet. I didn’t check FM7.

I haven’t received mine yet for FM 5, 6 or 7 and FH2, 3 or FH4 as well yet.
Turn 10 or the powers that be…can you hear me now?

Same problem here

No sign of mine either. On a bad week they sometimes don’t arrive until the Tuesday. It is now Thursday and stil no sign. I suppose the FH4 one could come with the change of Season, though that doesn’t explain the non-appearance in FH3 and FM7. I thought this issue had been sorted.

I presume it gets difficult when there are new Rewards tomorrow.

I am not receiving my rewards each time I claim them. Instead, they’ve only been being added to my games every two weeks as a total for both weeks.

Hello there,

The best way to get Forza support or help with an issue is by submitting a ticket here

Thank you!