Rewards for number of cars not updating


Ive been trying to increase my forza rewards score. Forza 4 is now my favourite of all the forza games ive played. Ive got about 103 cars but on the rewards page its still at about 66. The other rewards for 4 have been increasing inline, but not the cars owned. It did increas from about 30 when i started to replay, but now its just stalled.

Is this a common problem? Ant fixes?

Thanks you

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Hi GCE – sorry about your troubles. Yes, we know that FM4 car counts are not being updated through the Rewards system. It’s actually a quite complicated fix, requiring changes in three different parts of the system. Two of the three areas have been addressed, and we should be rolling out the final piece that will bring your FM4 car counts up to date in probably tomorrow and very likely by Wednesday. No data has been lost, but it will take a bit of time for the engine to chew through the backlog of updates.

Thanks for playing and have a nice day.

t10 online dev


Plz update mine too I’ve owed over 150 cars easily and still stuck on 91 thax

So, how are you an “online dev” if the forum just shows you as a regular ol’ user? Just curious.

Thank you. Its good to know that Turn 10 are still supporting the game. One thats about 4 years old too.

Not a 4 year old game as much as the Rewards system.

Mine is still on 66 :frowning: but fast and furious has taken my to tier 6.