Forza Rewards for FM4

Are Rewards still able to be earned for FM4? I got it six days ago specifically to increase my reward points and have played every day. Earning around a dozen achievement’s so far But it still shows zero Forza Rewards for it. If I can’t get any reward credits then there is no reason for me to spend money on tokens. Is this a glitch or are the Forza Rewards dead now in FM4?I don’t want to spend real money on tokens until I know I will get actual credit for them.

Rewards were glitched for a few weeks recently…but were working again about a week or so back…
Hopefully still working!

Have just started FM4 about 5 days ago, having completed FM3 solid gold achievement. Have noticed that FM3 and FM4 updates haven’t updated since then, any ideas why? I’m currently up to year 6 and with driver level 20 plus and nothing showing on here at all :frowning:

nothing has been updating since last Thursday guessing the people who can fix are on holiday break

Typical, that’s roughly when I finish Solid Gold on FM3 and started on FM4 :frowning:

Ah well, lots of fixing to do when they get back from the holiday season :slight_smile:

16 days since I started on FM4, 10th season completed, driver level over 50 and still no updates. Took 15 days for my FM3 Solid Gold achievement to update on my profile but nothing showing on FM4 … time to get back to work :slight_smile:

HNY all at Turn 10 :wink:

Just checked and my progress has updated, unfortunately, it’s only my achievements that have updated, no days played (19), no cars owned (86), no driver level (59) even though the achievement for reaching driver level 50 is recorded … so it looks like T10 are slowly getting stats updated, just taking almost 3 weeks to get your scores adjusted, hopefully it’ll pickup speed soon :slight_smile:

Just to confirm, all of my stats updated some when during the last 3 days, cars owned, miles driven and days played all updated correctly. Thanks T10 for getting that sorted :slight_smile: