Rewards Still Not Updating?

I’ve seen posts from last year about the rewards not updating correctly, just curious if there was any info on that. My Forza 7 stats don’t change at all, and my FH4 stats are way off as well. I’m assuming that Forza rewards is dead? Or just barely hanging on? Was trying to level up before the new Forza comes out to try and get a head start, not sure if its worth it…

Same here, FM7 and FH4 stats are way off what they should be. It thinks I’ve only played 4 days of FH4, which is far from true.

I can only assume Forza Rewards is on its last legs and it’ll be discontinued once the devs remember it exists

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Mine was lagging months behind, and then after posting in the rewards topic, a lot of the games updated, but still not FM3, the original Horizon (FM4 updates fine though so can’t be that 360 are now being ignored), FH4 is still really REALLY behind and FM7 not updating at all.

Mine works now for FH4 and the only games not work are FM7.

Car masteries in FH4 updated last night after many weeks, I’m finally showing 3,000 points! Let’s hope some of the other games update during 2021 :smiley: