Forza Rewards not updating

Hi guys

I’ve been playing Forza games for quite a while now and love them. I also like the Forza rewards feature they have. However, since I started playing fh4, my rewards (besides Gamerscore which usually takes a few days to update) have not been updating at all. I’ve played FH4 for a couple of weeks, so they should have updated by now. My console is always connected to the internet, so that shouldn’t be a problem and anyway, gamerscore is updating.

Any help is welcome, thanks

It’s been broken for quite some time, IIRC, about 3 months now. No Forza game is tracking anything other than game score. I really wish they’d fix it. You can submit a ticket, but they’ll tell you they’ve identified the problem and are working on a solution (that’s what they told me 2 months ago), and they didn’t even want any extra information :grin: