If there won’t be an opt-out option to avoid trash car drop gifts , how 'bout a “Return To Sender” option that deposits the trash car back in the sender’s garage and forces them to deal with the hassle of deleting them ?


Just don’t go to the barn to collect them?

That’s what I do. Just ignore the message.


And yet, you completely missed the point. You dont know if you want the car or not unless you go to the barn, because, for obvious reasons, you dont know what are you going to get.
But asking for UI and quality of life improvements in this game is like asking pigs to fly. I am clueless why people keep asking for things like these.

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Or at least an option to re-gift to somebody else.

You do occasionally get some good cars, so I still check. But you also end up with a lot of junk that I end up re-gifting anyway.

Also, I try to only give common junk duplicate cars to ‘new’ players, who are more likely to not already have them. But I’ve noticed receiving some gift cars that the messages were for ‘new’ players. I’m guessing since the game is still new, that we’re all ‘new’ players, but I’ve been playing since launch. At what point are we no longer new?

The problem with the “new” player, if that, even if you are in hall of fame, you still get the greatings for a “new” player. I never gift cars below FE cars. It is so easy to get cars i FH games, and new players farm skill poins anyway :smiley:

or an option to sell the car, if you have it, just like wheelspins. That would really improve the game big time :smiley:


I don’t delete them I usually try to sell them in the auction house, maybe they could give us the option to sell them if we already have the car like they do with wheels pins.


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You can already sell the gifted cars in the auction house. Adding a sell button to the gift receive menue will be the opposite of what’s behind the gifted car idea.

And if you want to get the gifted car deleted do it by yourself after not sending a “Thanks for the car” message…

When I receive a gifted car that I don’t want to own, I gifted it right after the cutscene sequence as I am near the barn and the dialogue for gifting the car is just on click away.


Anyone that deletes, immediately re-gifts, or ignores gift cars are missing out on getting perks from a clean mastery tree. Anytime a car is gifted, the mastery tree is cleared out. So I clear out the mastery perks I want and after that I keep or re-gift cars so someone else can do the same thing. The way I look at it: that’s a free car I didn’t have to spend credits or a wheelspin on. Currently, I hoon around earning skill points when I’m not racing as they are the only currency I ever run out of.

I don’t want to give away all my secrets as I’ve probably said too much already.

I didn’t realize the skill tree’s reset in gifted cars, how have we all not received a dozen Jeeps or Firebirds by now then? :slight_smile:

In previous games those skill tree’s persisted didn’t they, so people would get a gifted car but any perks/bonuses might already have been used…no?

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I’ve been gifted over 50 cars. Among others 5 Willys (pre-patch), a '95 911 GT2, and the 80s RX-7. All of the skill trees clear. So I’ve gotten an extra RWB Hoonigan Porsche and a Twerkstallion in addition to all the the bonus XP, Wheelspins, and Super WS. Like I said skill points and the one currency I can never have enough of.

I’ve given up on receiving cars. I have every car currently available within the game and more credits than I know what to do with so no point in getting them to auction.

I would much prefer it if we could reply to sender with a custom message opposed to the current selection of 5 friendly messages. It would also be good if we didn’t get banned for what responses we entered either. I would very much enjoy this lol

Please don’t send my dumped wheelspin cars back.

You can simply not go and collect the car, you wont get reminded.

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But you don’t know before you go to the barn whether it’s something you would actually want to get.

This has my vote. I’m tired of getting gifted junk that I just throw away cos re-gifting it makes me look bad for gifting junk.

I have more credits than I can spend and every car in the game, so just cause I was bored I sorted all my cars by value, then gifted 30 of the best ones that people might either want or could actually sell.

Then I just started spamming my wheel spins supply and I managed to recover about 18 of the 30 cars right away…lol

When I get a car I don’t want (read: duplicate) as a Gift, I re-Gift it immediately to Community Contributors. It would be nice if there was an instant sell option like with Wheelspins.