Gift back option for gifted cars suggestion

The gifting process is a bit long, lots of things to load, quite a few menus and so on…
For people who have been playing since release and already have all the cars could be cool to have a ‘gift back’ option: when I receive a car I already have I need to send the thank you, exit the barn wait for the loading to be done, go back in the barn, look up for the car, select all the stuff and gift it to some else.
Would be cool to be able to do it without all those steps, the function to detect duplicates from the wheelspins ‘sell option’ can be recicled, so if I already have the car I can get an option to instantly send it to someone else

Have an upvote.

Any suggestions to make the UI user experience better is a plus imo.

Like the idea. There’s more such gui option I’m sure
In all honesty I often don’t collect gifts in the first place and most gifts I sent to ‘New Players’ only are directly from wheelspins.