Return of Bug # 3931337 ("AI Traffic cars were not present in Street Races") in "Modern Horizons"

The bug # 3931337 returned in “Modern Horizons”.

This was fixed in the previous update and worked fine for all races during “Horizon Retrowave”.

AI Traffic cars were present in Street Races.

Now with the Street Races this Autumn Season they are again not present (during this Summer Season there were no Street Races).

Playing on XSX.

Be happy instead, it makes street races so much easier and more enjoyable, i sure enjoyed it :slight_smile:

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I understand but then there would be no reason to have Street Races at all.

They would be just another batch of Road Races!

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That`s the point, npc cars and drivatars ruin free roam, so not having them in street races either, are a blessing

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I understand what you mean and I agree if it comes to Freeroam.

But I love real Street Races (with AI) because of the thrill - especially if AI cars are oncoming. And I love swiping them so that they crash into my opponents.

Update: The Street Races this Winter Season also do not have AI Traffic Cars present.

As lucky is

Wish this would happen to me I wouldn’t miss them getting in the way :sweat_smile: I voted for your post.

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Update 2: No change because Spring Season has no Street Races at all.

So the bug definitely returned.