I got no npc traffic :(

Hey there,
Im playing on xbox series x.
I got so much less traffic from npc cars/ zivilians like in h4. It looks like the map is dead. Problem: i got a Mission with a super car. Where i should pass 8 cars closely on a high way. There is not a Single one.

Sometimes, open Roaming, the cars disaper richtig in Front of me.

So it looks like a streaming Problem. Dies it only exist on xbox series x? Tried allready the Performance and the Qualität Mode.


It’'s the same for me, streets almost empty, I see many more drivatars than npc traffic. Also XB series X

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I also have this same problem. If I remember rightly it’s the second chapter of ‘the stunt driver’ story mission. Tried turning on offline mode, restarted the chapter numerous times, tried doing other missions and returning, same problem. For 3 stars you have to overtake closely 28 cars. I have yet to pass even one car. There is no ai traffic no matter what I try. And after reading the list of known issues, I see this problem does not yet appear. It seems there are very many problems with the game, I have however enjoyed the majority of my time spent with the game, and like the new handling model. I fear it may take a while for the many teething problems to be fixed however.

I have this too, I’ve logged a bug report and suggest you all do too so it gets looked at.

same problem on PC, premium edition from windows store. There is a challenge in a koenigsegg to do X amount of near misses but there isnt a single car on the road.

windows 10 gtx 1070

Same here, the traffic was there the first time I launched the game, but now is gone. And also, idk if I’m the only one with this, but npc traffic dissapears only in Horiozn Life, when playing solo, the NPC’s appear, along with the drivatars. Swtiching back to Life Thanos-snaps them out of existence again.

Opened a ticked with Forza support, gonna update if any relevant info comes out.

i did that same mission yesterday.
i had no problems on my series x

you dont need to go to the finish line right away. i missed a few cars, and so i turned around and went back and passed some more.
as long as you cross the finish before the time limit is up. and theres plenty of time in a car that fast.

Yep. Seeing exactly the same on Series X, either very little or no traffic on the roads, empty highway etc.

Steam player here, and I’m getting the same thing happening. It wasn’t like this when I started playing but as I’ve progressed I’ve noticed the world seems less alive because of there being no NPC’s. Hope this can get fixed soon!

I have the one X as I’m waiting for the power failure issue on series X to be ironed out by Microsoft and it’s the same for me little to no npc but have random cars popping out of nowhere

Same. Seems like the faster I’m going, the fewer cars spawn.

I rarely see npc traffic as well.

Been playing this game for almost a week now and i have no traffic cars on the streets no matter if i’m playing online or solo? and it’s not even in the known issues so is it normal to have no traffic cars at all?

I have the same “problem”, but is just use it to get the speed zones and speed traps done before they fix it.

I assume they will fix it.

Another thing is that cars seem to disappear when i zoom past them.


hello , same probleme , game pass pc , no ai car in street…

Hi everybody. Same here. Game Pass PC… Found a solution: Switch to “Single Player”/Offline Mode! Et voila: Traffic!

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I’ll throw my hat in too on this one.
I used to think the traffic was just an annoyance, but it turns out barely having any traffic in game makes it feel incredibly lifeless.

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Set all your speed trap numbers now.
Used to work if you’d rewind a bit and repass cars. Forget if that works FH5.

Same here,no single car no traffic street empty.played on pc monster….

Been on for about 2 hours no NPC traffic anywhere. HIGHWAY end to end was EMPTY. this game is so broken it’s not funny.