Response please

Clearly there is issues that must be addressed with this game. My question is…when!? It’s possible to launch people and hardware into outer space and keep in contact yet it’s undoable for a video game!? Can someone please communicate when your faulty product will be tended to?

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You won’t get an official response but I can answer your question. FH4 (not FH5) had several critical bugs/issues which were never fixed and many of which were carried across into FH5. Hope that answers your question.

I think they’re on holiday.

PGG don’t communicate until whatever fix has been released…unless, of course, they feel like spamming us with the “you can win this car in this week’s Seasonals” messages several days after the Seasonals have been live. Sums up their logic…advertise something in-game that we can all see clearly as we are in-game and already had the playlist shown! Spam us with irrelevant messages that are not useful at all and then ignore us the rest of the time.

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If I would venture a guess we will not see any more fixes until the Series 2 patch.

I would agree…which means nobody can 100% complete Series 1 due to the 2 missing Daily Forzathons (and, when I say 100% complete, I of course mean everything completed, not just completed to 61 points which the game considers 100%)

There is only 1 pg games representative that actually visits this forum as far as I am aware.

If…and that is “if” any element of this game gets “fixed” then I am sure we will only hear about it AFTER it has been fixed

I believe the only thing we can do is keep screaming at pg games and eventually our cries will be heard and they might actually do something to justify them keeping their jobs.

Since they got taken under Microsoft’s wing, failure doesn’t matter any more, they still get showered with money evidently. If that wasn’t true then they’d try harder. When there is no longer any penalty for failure it leads to complacency and mediocrity.

Or perhaps the bar for what constitutes success has been moved so that only player numbers are relevant, not profits and most definitely not quality. You can still sell a poor quality game by over-promising and using friendly reviewers to hype it for you.

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There is nothing we can do, not now, that is too late. They already have your money. You had the chance to do something before, and that was to AVOID BUYING IT.

Now, its too late. They have your money and the game is going to be a total mess, even with half of the things “fixed”.

I also lost hopes to see people actually caring for the videogaming industry, i see it every frikkin day, people just dont care.
At this point, things are going to only get worst, unfortunately. So, get used to how things work, and take FH5 as a pure example.

Probably 9th of December patch, hotfix.

Player numbers,

Game pass subscribers.

That is the goal.

If someone buys game pass and plays this for 3 hours: fantastic.

If someone plays the game for 400 hours and meets 77 frustrating errors, they don’t care…there are 50,000 players not complaining or noticing any errors for everyone finding fault with the game.

At some point, Microsoft’s shareholders may pull the plug. IIRC the Xbox division eats money, it doesn’t generate profits. Game pass isn’t profitable, most people get it when it’s having one of its very frequent £1/$1 sales. The Xbox division is able to run at a loss because the parent company is so rich but at some point it needs to justify itself or it will be binned. Maybe it would be a good thing for gaming overall, and the market would provide a higher quality alternative once the subsidies are removed.

Microsoft Studios produce poor games now. The Forza games are mediocre. Look at the Halo joke last year which shamed Microsoft into pushing it back. State of Decay is another one which is terrible. Companies don’t usually survive if they keep producing poor products. But the Xbox division is able to keep failing and rewards mediocre developers with pots of cash. It isn’t good for gaming overall.

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Yes they do “have our money” but that is not a valid argument because…well … they dont have my money really…
If game pass did not exist, I would have bought the ULTIMATE FH5 for £100 or £80 or whatever it is…

But game pass does exist. I have game pass ultimate. I got 3 years of ultimate for £1.

PG games/microsoft) got a pittance from me for fh5.

This is how to do it: it is not a scam , it is not a bug, or a glitch, it is a real thing that obviously microsoft want to keep on the quiet:

  1. buy up several years of GOLD at £40 a year. so …3 years - £120.
  2. buy the ultimate deal 1 month for £1 or 3 months for £3 or whatever it is.
  3. the ultimate deal will be applied to the LENGTH OF YOUR EXISTING GOLD MEMBERSHIP.

so, 3 years of ULTIMATE for £121 all in … as opposed to 36 months at £10 a month or whatever it is. …£360.

If you have already used the £1 for 1 month deal - do it on a different account/gamertag/username in your family next time.

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