Renault RS17 vinyl positions help

I’ve started my first attempt at a paint for the Renault RS17 F1 car, and I can’t find the vinyl positions for a few areas. The base paint I’m using is a metallic colour for one part of the car, so I’m looking for the positions to cover the base paint on a few other areas:

The inside faces of the front wing pylon supports
The headrest and cockpit
The aerial/sensor/fin on the nosecone (just above the 27 on the original car)

I’m pretty sure from reading around that the front and rear wing endplates aren’t paintable and don’t have vinyl areas (boo!)

The black fins on the top of the sidepod intakes and the black supports for the aero fins on the side of the car. These stayed black when I painted the car though, so they’re probably not able to be coloured.


Those areas can’t be painted but an easy tip for checking paintable areas is to make a large square vinyl(I mean as big as you can make it) and just add that layer on the different parts of the car. You will then see what that section consists of.