Rehashes in NFS: Heat?

I just see the list in the new NFS game and most cars in the game i common see in Forza games, even a cough Acura RSX from 2004 nobody cares about anymore.
Looks like when your a 993 Turbo fan or a Testarossa fan or one of a few unique cars you might like could be a reason to get this game, well im not,

Its all the same stuff and the models even breath Forza in the sense of it…
I see no reason to like and buy games with content i already own from the francise itself nvm from EA.

Does Turn 10 know this and is this legal?!

Have a nice day.

You do know that most times the cars models are modeled by third party companies for having all the cars ready for implementing in game faster.

So that’s why all models look like each other is that the same company makes the same car model for various games.

Does Forza have the Aventador S, Aventador SVJ, Huracan Performante, their respective roadster/spyder variants, 488 Pista, Corvette Grand Sport, Ferrari FXX K EVO, P1 GTR, Polestar 1, and multiple Porsche 911 trims? NFS Heat has some of the most requested cars that Forza doesn’t.

I’m confused on how purchasing Heat, with those cars, is “content I already own” when it’s not, at all. The cars listed above aren’t in Forza. Horizon nor Motorsport.

What EXACTLY is the legality of this that you’re talking about? EA using cars that Forza uses? With that logic Forza ripped off of the original NFS, and they ripped off whatever the first car game was.


Model choises say alot about rehashing and im not gonna support and buy multiple games with 70% of the same copied lists of cars, i buy the game for the exclusivity i get from those cars and when cars who are not popular are being used in games just for the sake of it, ok. there are some hypercars and electro cars diffrently so… Im buying the same stuff i already have but with another sticker on the disk yet it should be diffrent and original, No one wants a Acura RSX but we get it in all this games? Rehashing is fine when its about stuff who doesnt have impact like traffic cars but be serious, 3d party’s control what we can drive but mod supports is still in a downside? Be prepared i stuck on 1 specific car game instead paying multiple times for unsatisfying rehashed 3rd party nonsense with sharper configurated LODs because they can appear on a console i dont buy. Let me know what Forza ripped of from NFS in the comments below mate.

Take care of yourselves.

As long as i concern games from NFS with popular cars who came before Forza were completely diffrent models like the Opel Corsa B, BMW Z3 and many other 90s stuff who never appeard on Forza means isnt a normal strategy to copypaste a whole Forza lineup which isnt even quantity-wise big either, its like you let your sister do your homework and pay a 3rd party problem solver money doesnt made it right and something You Done. Most cars from the first Forza game have models with diffrent wides, design ques than NFS onces. :wink: Being first in a car game doesnt make someone else a rehasher but using car models from those games imprenting to be yours who have supportively no value on the community is what i dislike about it, Forza rehashes their car lineup since 5 i know, so again im not gonna trow money to “Official” 3rd party models who have no rellevance in all the games i need to buy.

I only bought Need for Speed Heat for the Aventador Roadster, it’s very hard for me to unlock all the cars, all cars are unlocked at the start of FH5, racing is hard at night because the police spawn near or at the races, leveling up and getting money is hard, you can’t search for a specific livery on a car or a for a photo, only 1000 liveries per car, all races are day and night specifically, most of them aren’t unlocked, you can’t fast travel easily, you can only buy cars from the dealership, you can’t toggle telemetry, you can’t reset car damage in photo mode, only at gas stations, can’t move in to homes, hard to Escape police, and can’t change setting and weather for race. FH5 doesn’t have underglow, exhaust tuning and modification, National Flags, flame colors, and fish eye lens