Playground, I quit

No way I’m gonna waste my time to get 200 seasonal points for a 1971 Mach 1, lol. This is a car available in Autoshow in every Forza it’s been in apart from FM6 where it was DLC. Until now.

I like the car myself, but… why subject myself to this torment when I can just load Gran Turismo Sport on my PS5 and drive the same thing with better physics, sound, details…? Even if I didn’t own a PlayStation, it’s there in FH4 where I can fill my garage with them if I want.

To those who stay… Good luck.

To Playground… I hope one day people realize how bad of a studio you really are.


I’m not sure why you think this is new?

When FH4 launched I had loads of cars with paints that weren’t available to me at launch, this time round they were but I felt - let’s say some ‘frustration’ at the time.

So is the solution you want to have exactly the same cars time gated or whatever each game? I see some complaints there also.

The forza car roster is magnitudes greater than other Xbox race titles, so even if this car or that car isn’t available for whatever reason - there are still loads to go at/ drive.

I can’t speak for PS as don’t own one, good luck to you on there.

I do sometimes think I’m alone in not really caring what’s in the playlist or about what car it might unlock. Do it or don’t it’s not mandatory and there is content to be enjoyed here for me at least.

It’s not new, but you might need some context.

When the Playlist was first introduced, there were newly added cars locked behind 100% completion. There was a huge outrage, to the point GTPlanet wrote an article on it. Then Playground changed the second requirement to 80% and never locked new additions behind 80% completion again. 50% was bearable, although not ideal (we shouldn’t have had this stuff to begin with).

What happened in these last two Playlists was them taking advantage of their good launch to go back on their word and forcing all manner of challenges, even online ones which require paid Xbox Live on console to play, in order to extract playtime at any cost. And I have my suspicion as to why they went this route: the game retained few players compared to launch and they have nothing else to boost playtime with. I saw it on Steam, I saw it on Twitch, and I suspect it’s like that on my platform (Xbox) too: playerbase and viewer count dropped massively. They expected people to play more on the holidays and it backfired immensely.

I understand your point. But the only real goal of the game is car collection. I like to own all the cars I can, because I like a variety of cars. The Playlist ends up being a hindrance and rarely the reward is worth the effort. 200 points was already stupid with regards to the Aventador SVJ, which is a car everyone wanted and would have boosted activity considerably had it been available to everyone. 200 points for a Mach 1, which is a car few people care about despite being the star of original Gone in 60 Seconds, is beyond stupid.

To me it’s pointless to waste time on a game with little replay factor like FH5 when I could be playing other, better stuff. So I really don’t have much interest in it anymore. I was actually pondering whether I’d invest time in the current Series yesterday, but underestimated PG’s cynicism.


Well regardless of our own personal opinions on it the playlist is practically the backbone of Horizon now, the ‘it’s not mandatory/nobody’s forcing you etc’ drum has been banged enough times already during FH4’s life and it always ends up in the same fashion.

FOMO is a more powerful weapon nowadays than it’s ever been in gaming, just because it won’t work on some people doesn’t mean that it isn’t the developer’s intention to use FOMO to their advantage, when a game is as accessible as FH5 for all ages + ability and has 12 million plus players it’s easy to see there’ll be at least a few million of that that will be easy to manipulate and continually dangle the carrot in front of without them even realising it, whether that be through their age, lack of experience/interest in gaming general or just good old naivety.

I mean if my job was to generate continual engagement and increase GP subscription numbers I’d take the same approach to the content, it’s much easier and less risky than trying to make something that the majority of players will want to come back to because of what’s there already, you have to nail it and do something special to get that.

Personally I don’t think a single AAA company has any interest in that last bit anymore, maybe aside from Rockstar who sour it by basically telling SP people to get stuffed after they receive their 1 and only serving.


I really wanted Arthur to be able to ride that Breton and that Kladruber. Unfortunately, Rockstar had other plans.

If you’re not playing the game just for the fun of new races that you haven’t raced before then leave. But the Trial was fun without a prize at all.

I’m just a bit frustrated sometimes

A - By all the negativity - call me a fan boy if you like, I mean I’ve played all the games - hands up I like them. It’s my favourite series. Motorsport more than Horizon but it’s a fun diversion at times.
B - The last few game releases I see all these posts from people saying how bad this game is compared to the one just gone, heaping praise on the previous game. It’s like the last game was excellent and just what they wanted from the beginning - just don’t get it.

I will play this game until I’m done with it, then I won’t until I need to scratch the itch. It is what it is. I’ve already got a lot of hours in - more than your average RPG offers from a play through.

Elden Ring isn’t all that far away & usually enjoy the Dark Souls games - so that’s on my radar.

There are lots of things I don’t like about the direction this game/ Forza in general has gone in recent years and I have expressed that on these forums when I felt it necessary. I’ve never felt the need to have a go at the dev team per se, as most of us in our work lives are just cogs in a much bigger machine, just trying to do the best we can in our own personal work situation. I see a lot of the devs this and the devs that posts that also wind me up.

Maybe it’s me that’s just getting testy in my old age. But fan boy or not any argument should have two sides for any kind of discussion to occur.


well said