Hey you keep taking out cars

Look was trying to find a a specific car like the chevycobalt ss and for some reason you guys took it off its Like the Honda Ford Nissan ect there’s so many cars you took out it suppose to be where dreams are driven I right now bout the forza horizon 2 hope fully when it releases you guys don’t take out cars like the first horizon it don’t matter if it doesn’t perform the same regular forza some people just love driving a sur tent car remember it’s racing/doing things that you can’t do in the real world but you guys I just want you to keep adding in the collection not taking the out in different game you come up with plz

Punctuation is important. It appears as if you posted this in the wrong forum. This is for Forza 5 Tuning Catalogs. You would also probably get further by emailing Turn 10 instead of whining of the forums. Just my $0.02.

Thank you for your feedback.

You can contact the developers by email at forzafb@microsoft.com