Regarding Unwanted DLC

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I originally contacted @XboxSupport over Twitter about this and was advised to make use of either the chat function or call center. After speaking with a representative for the better part of an hour, I was told to create a ticket here. Specifically I was told: “I see thanks for all the information. Technically, as I’ve consulted with our game specialist, we can revoke the license of this DLC but thought it will be revoke, it will still be associated with the game since it is already installed in the game, don’t worry here’s what we’re going to do, I’ll provide a link of Microsoft studio where you can request for a ticket to disassociate those DLCs to your games so you can make use of the new content of the season pass, how does it sound?” I said yes, and was then told, “Great! Thanks! Here’s the link The official website of the Forza franchise, please contact them for more information. :)” So here I am.

Here’s my issue…

Back in October of 2016 I went on a short shopping spree, getting as much of the relevant / most prominent DLC that I could for Forza Horizon that I could before it became inaccessible. One that I missed out on that I really wanted was the Rally Pack, but that’s not my reason for submitting this post. I’m not asking for a free handout, much as I’d like one. Instead I’m looking to have something related to that game removed completely from my account. That thing is the December IGN Car Pack.

This DLC / app was included with the Season Pass, which I didn’t know until after the fact. Normally this wouldn’t be a problem, except for some reason the game becomes very janky if it and the Season Pass are both installed at the same time. Specifically, the frame rate will randomly drop to a point where the game will occasionally appear to freeze up entirely. So, if it’s at all possible, I would like for someone to disassociate the December Car Pack with my account. I’m not asking for a refund, I just want it gone, so that there’s no risk of it accidentally reinstalling itself in the future and causing problems. Is that too much to ask for? (No sarcasm there; I’m legitimately asking.)

This is interesting I guess you should email them with your inquiry. (good luck with that)
But how can you tell if this specific DLC is affecting the game’s performance?

On the Xbox 360 you can go to settings > storage and delete the specific DLC. It just doesn’t matter your ownership of the item. The Xbox 360 will not use it if it’s not downloaded there on the storage device.
The console simply don’t check your ownership if the item is not there. If it’s on the console, any gamertag and also a “local gamertag without account” can use it if the license is there.
If the license is not there on this specific console, then your ownership is checked and you need to play online, so only your gamertag can use it on this console, but deleting from the storage also makes it impossible for the 360 to use it.

Or are you talking about the game on the Xbox One?

I got the game on the Xbox One over the Microsoft Store.

(Forgive the short / blunt reply. I don’t have a lot of time to spare at the moment, I’m afraid.)

never heard of such a problem, i’m sure you can still delete the item/items that you don’t want on the xbox one. Not convinced it’ll make any difference though.

Hello, i have been “working” and i use that in the losest sense of the word, with Microsoft, Xbox Live Support, Turn 10 Studios and Microsoft Studios about issues that popped up after the 4k and preceding update Oct/Nov 2017. All my DLC content disappeared, my career mode got stuck as i couldn’t chose another series to go to, it was stuck on the Forza Cup whatever, the 3rd one in the set is, and when you try to continue the game will do one of two things, 1. it will pause and make an audible noise, then pause for another 5-7 seconds and then crash, reboot and you end up back at the Xbox dashboard OR 2. it will say “Track Loading…” and you will have a moving picture, and sound and everything looks like its doing something, but it sure as SH!T is not loading the track, after an hour the first time, 30 minutes 2nd time, left it going while i went to work the 3rd time, 14 hours later, still “Track Loading”, and this was just the tip of the iceberg, the next update (3rd one including the 4k) caused all cars in my garage to disappear, i was one of the first hundred or so people to report this with details, error codes and more, and so the story has been going on for the better part of 14 months. I was promised a full refund of the game from Turn 10, and Xbox live support offered 12 months of live gold because Forza is pretty much the only game i play, i purchase other games, COD, Assassins Creed, Halo, F1, Horizon, Battlefield, and many others but i simply dont have the time to invest to get into the games, so for all intents and purposes the only reason i have xbox live gold is for the ability to race with others in Forza 7, and i couldn’t do that. Oh, and so after 10 months i finally said screw it, i’ll accept the credit for the game $106.97, and the 12 months of live gold (mainly because my account was due for renewal in Dec 2017 and i just purchased a new 12 month card in November and then all this started to happen making my live gold account useless for me, and finally Microsoft offered me a $150 credit, which turned into a Microsoft store credit which i was fine with as i just wanted to end all this non sense, and guess what…I GOT NOTHING, just three times someone at corporate has tried to close the ticket as if the issue was resolved, yet none of the engineers at Turn 10 have a clue, same with the MS engineers and if they dont, obviously there is nothing that tech support will be able to do, and yes i uninstalled, reset my xbox, checked all the setting per the techs instructions, then purchased another external hard drive as Xbox live support had determined, with my technical help (I’ve been in the IT and Telecom field for 30 years) so the only weak link after uninstalling and reinstalling on the internal console drive was that the 5TB ext i was using might have a problem. I checked it with CrystalDisk and it pass all the tests, i tried using another 5TB this time a WD instead of a Seagate and uninstalled and reinstalled with the same results. Months later and many patches and updates later i was able to reset my career mode, granted i lost all my cars, my in game credits and there were issues with my purchased DLC packs, and now we are getting to your comment…

Now with the super short version of (believe it or not the above is the super short version as i have error codes, error messages, screen captures and photos and so much more), but the reason many can’t get rid of the DLC packs that they supposedly can’t download is that when you go to uninstall them it gets confused and says that you can’t remove that as you don’t own it. Yet when you go into the Marketplace and you have the option to “Purchase or Buy” that DLC, it thinks for a while and then gives you an error stating you can’t purchase this item because you already own it!!! Well if you already own it then why cant you download it and buy the cars in those packs? Because when you do eventually click on the download DLC enough times it will finally download it but then it says you can’t buy this car because you don’t own this DLC pack, go to Marketplace and purchase this DLC, which we already covered. It’s like the chicken and the egg but without either in sight.

So i got a email from Microsoft today saying they have revoked my license, HOW THE F**K CAN THEY DO THAT WHEN I DID NOT BREACH ANY EULA, I DID NOT GET A REFUND, I DID NOT GET THE CREDIT THEY OFFERED AND THEN PROMISED ONCE I FINALLY AGREED, AND NOW THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT LIMITING MY CREDIT OPTIONS, this is total hor$eSh!t and i am seriously about 6 seconds away from finding 6 of the best licensing law firms and deep six’ing these people that are involved in this massive cover up of a attempt to monetize game items with real world currency, like they have with FIFA, except the programmers don’t know how to communicate with the accounts teams so people end up in these endless loops of “you can’t buy this because you dont own this DLC, and then when you try to purchase that DLC it tells you, you cannot purchase this because you already own it”

F-This, i went out and purchased a PS4 Pro, and if Microsoft doesn’t square this away to my satisfaction then i will reach out to many friends worldwide (from actors, to famous photographers, to YouTube celebs i am friends with and others) and bring to light this 12+ month long adventure of Microsoft, Turn 10, and other involved parties lies.

It’s not currently installed. The problem is that I don’t have the best memory, so there’s a good chance that one of these days I’ll reinstall the game and every DLC that I have for it and in doing so run into this same issue again. That’s why I’m hoping someone will be able to help me disassociate the DLC from my account.

Figured I should put this out there too, but regarding you not having the Horizon Rally expansion, it may be possible to somehow get it through a method explained in this thread?

I’ll look into that sometime, thank ya! :smiley:

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I jus’ wanna point out to the moderators that it’s been two months since I posted this topic, and I’m still waiting for someone to help with this issue…

In my opinion, you should insist with Xbox Support.

It’s not a common requirement to forgo a license of content.
It’s the opposite. So many kids with and without their parents’ permission trying to get more stuff… Once a support person thought I was a kid because of my voice. I had to confirm my own authenticity… =/

But I believe they are the ones who can do that. I don’t think a studio can do that. The support may be wrong.
Maybe Microsoft Support instead of Xbox Support.

But honestly this is a silly issue. It’s your responsibility.

I actually never thought about trying to reach out to Microsoft directly on this issue. I’ll go ahead and give that a try. Thanks for the suggestion!