Rebellion Racing & Forza?

Ok let’s cut straight to IT, shall I?

The other day my friend did a design on the lotus E21 (Kimi’s 2013 version etc) he did the Rebellion Racing Design that was on the car at the 6 hours of 6 hours (Google it, they used the Lola before the current R One)

So anyway I tweeted them the pic & they replied with the following :

I like it :wink:
Good news coming regarding @ForzaMotorsport…”

Now, you tell me…what does a fan of endurance racing make of that? With the 6 Hours of Fuji next month, is Forza annoucing a sponsorship deal with Rebellion? Are we getting the R One LMP1-L powered the TMG Toyota V8?

this is ALL speculation by the way.


Wow that sounds awesome! I hope you speculation is right!

I tweeted to Rebellion Racing asking for hints. Waiting on a reply

I don’t really see Turn 10 supporting Forza 5 anymore with others dlc, so I think that’s an unofficial announcement of their presence in Forza 6.
Anyway, thanks for letting us know



Is it just me? i cant figure out what thats meant to say?

It’s my Twitter name, for privacy reasons I did use it.

oh got ya :slight_smile:

lets not be silly here, the good news is that the servers will be working again,lol

they wont announce anything yet FH2 is out soon so will hold off till that dies a little.

i just hope that they are ready as project cars is coming and it will half Turn 10 profits

Project cars isn’t going to impact profits from Forza 5 much. That money is already in the bank. I don’t know if it will impact FM6 either because of the timing. Likely FM6 will come out over a year from now - a full year after project cars. As long as turn 10 adds some of the features Project cars has going for it, people will come back for the the new racing game title. (but if they don’t add weather, day/night transition, animated pit stops, and a larger concentration of race cars I Turn 10 will lose some of their hardcore circuit racing base.