‘Real world’ driver assist option

Has anyone suggested an option for not just always enabling or disabling traction control / ABS.
But instead having an option to have assists on or off based on whether the real car would have those features. (With an override of course, like hitting the disable stability control button in your road car).
Or a tuning option to specifically enable or disable for certain cars only.
I feel like this would go a long way in giving the forza world some more immersion.
I drive mostly with assists off but find the occasional car is almost undriveable without some level of assist, typically cars which rely heavily on computer control in real life.

I would love something like this, I think Assetto Corsa had something along these lines if I’m not mistaken and for race cars even had various levels for things like traction control.

In the settings, in addition to the default on or off options for assists add an additional “factory” option which individually presets cars with the assists they came with from factory. Example: Most classic cars probably didn’t come with TCS or ABS whereas a lot of modern cars do.

As an extension to this, an in-game MSD allowing you to tweak these assists on the fly would be great, especially for those cars that have multiple stages for things like TCS. I personally like the design and layout of the MSD in the F1 games, a button to trigger the menu and then pages to flick through with the D-Pad to change settings.

I currently turn all assists off because I find it’s the most competitive, but a feature like this would really add a bit of personality to cars and help the players who enjoy roleplaying, it’s always something we see on shows like Top Gear where they’ll do a lap with assists on and then turn them off. And then simply retain the default on/off options for those players that still want global settings applicable to everything.

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Hell, I’d settle for an assignable control to toggle traction/stability control. Y’know, like pretty much every real-life car with those features has.