Real time weather like in MSFS

Weather - dinamic weather like you advised but also a option for real weather and time of day. Like Microsoft flight simulator 2020. I would love to drive in the mist if the current track is misty in real life in real time. So that if your club has a race on Sunday, you will have to keep looking at that tracks forecast for the Sunday to know if you should practice in the dry, wet, stormy and so on. Would be nice to give a 5 day forecast for that track from weather reports, but not needed. But a option for real time weather and time will be great.

As long as it includes ice and snow. I’m all in for it then. I love the challenge of winter!


Le Mans had half the track in heavy downpour and wrecked a few car.

I like this suggestion as it creates more realism and connects sim racing even better to real racing.


Having a ‘Live’ option for both time of day and weather would be really cool!

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That’s exactly what I was thinking to post. Would be nice to have addition option in the weather tab: “real”. As long as for the time of day.


And give us a setting so we can choose how much rain we want. Make it so it behaves like so “chance of rain: 30%”. Definitely sick of the 75% bad weather races in free play. Drives me nuts.

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Could get AccuWeather or The Weather Channel to sponsor the weather aspect. I think they sponsored in other games.

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This is what i was dreaming, live weather! :partly_sunny:

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The current weather system just leaves so much to be desired. “Variable” seems to be the only way to get changing conditions within a session, and then we’re limited to either wet–>dry or vice versa, at roughly 50% race distance… and it’s totally random, as we have no control over whether the race starts wet or dry.

I’d really like to see a way to have the weather go from e.g. Heavy Fog–>Light Clouds, or Light Rain–>Hazy, something other than just a vanilla wet/dry state.

The thing that I find strange about FM’s weather system and the whole day/night cycle is that the game completely ignores seasons. If a race takes place IRL at Lime Rock Park at 5pm, it could either be bright sunshine or pitch black, depending on the time of year. But there’s no way to account for this in FM.

T10 would do well to have a look at the weather system used in AMS2 - it incorporates seasons, along with historical weather data to recreate accurate weather for whatever time/day of the year you choose. Want to recreate your favorite RL motorsport moment? Just choose the track and car, tell the game the date, year, and time of day, and off you go with a reasonably accurate recreation of the actual weather and track conditions from that day.

Something like that would be very well received in FM. It might be a bit beyond the scope of the game, but at the very least, we need better control over how the weather changes, which states it can change to/from, and when the changes occur.

It probably goes without saying that some kind of weather forecasting system would need to go hand in hand with this.

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how about live weather…?? like in the flight simulator

I love this idea of live weather.