Rally tire pressure and alignment?

I got quite good at tuning cars in fm7. I tuned my own cars for each division and was “pinnacle” in leagues. But now that I’ve started playing fh4, I’m really not sure how to tune cars for rally racing. In fm7, I used about 28 PSI for race tires, and -2.0 and -1.5 camber on front and back respectively. Does anyone have any tips for tuning rally cars? I noticed the Lancia 037 came with 20 PSI of tire pressure when I first got the game, so I’ve been using that amount for my rally cars.

I’m not a master tuner, but I have had some luck with my tune; even have a few that are gaining in popularity. Although, I have no idea what cars, because Forza makes is near impossible to see what tunes are popular. Anyway, for rally tunes, I typically use anything between 20 and 26 PSI, adjusting to find what works best with the car. However, I have gone as low as 15, if I am still having traction issues. Then for alignment, I have noticed that stock rally suspension tuning has camber set to -.5, front and back. I usually leave that there, unless I really dial up the HP, then I will decrease to -1.0 on both. For toe settings, I go with a standard +.1 (front) -.1 (rear). Lastly, caster I generally only adjust, if I am having straight-line or corner resetting issues (not straightening fast enough, coming out of a corner). The only exception, is that if the setting is set to 5.0, I up it to 5.3. I have notices better response with that adjustment. If I am having issues, I slowly start to increase it, in increments of five, until the issue stops improving, and then I go back to the setting that provided the best response and fine tune. I’ve only had to do this once, for a car that I eventually deemed worthless (I think it was the Kia Stinger).

for tyre pressures put on telemetry and make sure they “are in the Goldilocks zone” too hot or too cold they will not grip properly. I aim for mid 30s
Take the car for a good drive on the surface you are tuning for so they are up to temp when you are checking them. How hard you drive it will have an effect.
Surface temp affects this too … so you may need to adjust for winter/ summer.

I have found when tuning, the tyre temp/pressure has a huge effect

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