I need tuning help!

So I am not new to Forza, just very inexperienced in how to tune. Mostly all I do is tune tire pressure to get it around 32 psi when tires are hot, I then mess with final drive ratio, and lastly maybe a little down force and/or brake bias.

My question is, when looking at telemetry what are you looking for as far as camber, tire pressure and temp, spring balance and grip go (and anything else you look for)?

I have put up some times within 3 or 4 seconds of fastest laps, but I just don’t feel I can make that jump without better tuning setups. And no, I don’t want to just go buy some tune. I do that as well, but want to learn to tune myself. Thank you for the help in advance!

Honestly i havent even pulled up the telemetry… its all about feel for me personally.

If u want a general place to look for tune setups and starting points check out the flash tune thread. Lots of great flash tune starting points for cars in there so far.

Will do. Thanks for the direction.

I just don’t even really know where to start with camber, toe, caster, bump and rebound. I feel like if I just start tweeting I’m going to throw everything off and basically ruin the car. I’m really trying to understand how those parts play into one another and understand the larger effect it will have on the car. I guess put simply, do you know how adjusting one area is going to directly affect performance and how to balance that at the start, or do you just start hammering away and just worry about it as you go. I have seen some of the order in which people tune, I guess I just feel confused about what affects what lol. I know once I understand what I am looking for, it will make things much easier. Sorry for being such a noob. I just know I am pretty fast and know there is so much more I can get out of the car.

I just bumped the thread to the top so u can find it easier. I find it quite tough to explain my reasoning on what and why i do things lol. There are a few really good topics on the why and hows in this tuning section so i will see if i can find one and post the link in here for u to read over

Nasty can explain tuning better then i can and he even wrote it down for you…

here is his link… 2nd post