Rally Racing

Ever since the rally expansion in FH1 I have been waiting for more rally content from PG. I LOVED that game. It was a better rally game than almost all dedicated rally games and it was just an expansion pack. It would be great to see that again in FH3. If there was stadium rally x, that would be amazing. But any type of dedicated rally racing would be cool.

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Storm Island was the rally expansion in H2. I liked it a lot but never had the rally expansion for H1 so I do not know how they compare. I would think they may do the same and make say Tasmania the new Storm Island as a DLC expansion for H3, but I am just wildly speculating.

In the rally expansion for H1 you ran actual rally races with timed stages. Storm island was a wilder version of horizons 2. I liked storm island as well bit it really lacked the traditional rally feel that the horizons 1 expansion prvoided.