Rain/Wet > Bug or Feature?

Is it me or part of unbeatable or what? Blue sky+sun but road is flooded with water and its raining in every streetrace.
Switching to rivals same sky+sun but dry roads so is it part of unbeatable or is it some bug?
If it is part of unbeatable > why? change the ai not this wet surface rubbish…

Same for StreetScene its always dark/wet sometimes foggy > why??? Whats wrong with these kids? “Oh, its raining and streets are flooded lets do some ‘illegal’ streetrace”…

Ok is same with “tourist” so its not part off unbeatable

Weather conditions is a race setting that can be custom set in the blueprint. I think it tends to default to annoyingly seasonal.

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Mean the normal Horizon Events but yeah seems they use seasonal weather for it. They all show “Storm” right bottom have to recheck next season.
Suxx anyway in freeroam its stormseason too and not always wet and it looks so stupid

Copper Canyon Run

Normal Event (shows Storm in Menu)


Its made on purpose. The devs think that more rainy races will make you feel like you are riding on skates (if you dont already). The devs probably love skating. I can tell that from 10 races, 8 of them are placed in wet roads and rain for me. Disgusting.

I did laugh at almost every seasonal race having had wet roads during the first “Dry Season”.