Racing "with the top down"?

Apologies if this has already been answered in the past but I figure I’d ask.

There are a number of convertible cars in this game and when you view them in Forzavista you can take the tops off of them. When racing however the roof is always fitted.

Is there any way to take the roof off a convertible outside of Forzavista?

Any info would be appreciated.

I don’t believe there is, no. Never seen anything in previous games about whether it’s possible so I’d assume not. Would love to be proven wrong however!

I wish there was. I love looking at the new California T with its top down in Forzavista.

To be fair I can’t imagine dropping the top would be anything but a bad idea for racing.

Maybe not in racing, but might be a nice touch in ForzaVista . . .

EDIT - Just noticed OP mentioning this is already possible. Thinks I may have to do some Vistaing later.

Racing with the top down is illogical. Sure, the cars look great but at the end of the day, it is still a racing game, not a car collector’s game. I know that the majority of the convertibles in the game have hard tops available as an option when purchasing them in the real world. All forza needs to do is supplement the body work category with hard top options. The hard top race versions of the Alfa Spider, 53, and 60 vette, Datsun roadster, Ferrari 250, Mazda Miata, etc, etc. all look more like purpose built racers. Why would Turn 10 studios allow for rain and not hard tops? Pardon my frustration but, I really don’t want the forza franchise to become too arcade and not enough sim. There’s too much competition out there that want to devalue the incredible physics engine that forza has become known for.