Race engineer (audio info about track activity)

It would be awesome to have race engineer who verbally feeds you information over the radio while you’re racing, info such as incoming weather changes, time gap to the car ahead, lap times, fastest lap time, spotting for you when passing

Assetto Corsa Competizione has a race engineer and its great

100% agreed, spotting in particular along with a good radar system (no more arrows please!) would make for much cleaner racing. Yep ACC is the yardstick on this feature.


ACC pass radar is great, its a must have feature i feel

Gran turismo’s is pretty crap, its in the corner of your screen and cant be viewed at all times


Would definitely want a spotter and/or car radar!

And an engineer to tell you how the car is doing.

So so glad this has been put forward. I love the immersion of this. Also, personally I enjoy playing with no HUD, so for long endurance racing expecially, knowing how the tyres are holding up, and fuel level info would be great.


This would be great for immersion, to create more of a feel that we’re racing rather than just messing around in cars.

Do this or allow Crew Chief to work on the PC version. Having an engineer does help immerse one’s self into the sim…

Just allow Crew Chief. That’ll work for me. That way the game’s resources can go towards other things.

@Wilko_Jones Why only PC? I think effort/resources spent on console would be well worth it, I’m a console player looking for the same immersion level and assistance racing cleanly. Plus this will likely be cross platform, so PC users would benefit from everyone driving more cleanly by knowing what’s around them.

Just because Microsoft most likely won’t allow Crewchief to get the telemetry data from the Series consoles. If they can make it happen, then by all means but, Microsoft is a bit controlling when it comes to things like that.

Yeah I see what you’re saying now, fair enough too. As a fallback or addition to actually implementing all this stuff in-game; the right data-out to support external apps seems a very reasonable request.

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Definitely… Im not against some sort of Race Engineer and Spotter in the up coming Forza Motorsport. I do have to admit, I forgot that games are not confined to the disk that sells at retail. Turn 10 can use as much assetts as they want to make this feature. It shouldn’t greatly impact game play. So I retract my PC only statement. That was primarily if the Crew Chief app were to be allowed to work on the game in any form.


Amending my previous statement regarding ‘no arrows’; I do use them but find they’re not accurate in FM7 and it’s hard to judge if a car is to the side vs behind, and by how much (room to move across them, vs get tagged…). Playing some ACC reminded me what good proximity arrows can offer, and I found myself using the radar, spotters calls, and the arrows all together to drive cleanly.

So I’m hoping for the lot in the new FM game; improved proximity arrows, radar/top-down overlay, and a voice-over spotter.


Cool, now we got a nanny.

What if, in multiplayer lobbies someone can be your race engineer?

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I’ve been following most of the media releases, and now confused as to what we’re getting here… We had the horrible ‘nanny’ in an early vid, which I think Chris Esaki corrected by saying it was just for the promo, but now I’m seeing nothing beyond the old marker arrows in the pre-release gameplay, no radar, no calls about cars beside you.

Anyone got a better idea of what’s coming, have I missed something, or are we back at square-one with inaccurate FM7 arrows?

This would really add to the emersion.

More call outs like low fuel levels, tire replacement reminders, track boundaries, other cars’ proximity, etc


The developers just need to take the car icon next to the tachometer, which displays the damage and condition of the tires, make it in the center of the first-person screen during the game and the view from the cockpit, green car icon, and the same icons should be on enemy cars that are nearby, only red and everything is ready.
In short, the same as in ACC, only instead of rectangles you need car icons.
Many players playing from the cockpit and first person view simply do not know their position relative to others, and there are many accidents.


I think some form of driver coaching would be good. The game is scoring your sections so it’d be good to be able to recap your last race, where you did well, and less so.
It’s be a really good way to help folks learn and improve if they wanted to


Yep, this definitely needs to happen. Just take the turn narrator and add more options. Hearing “Left 3, right 1” is a great start. Now borrow from iRacing and callout my opponents. “Car on your left……clear!” “Car stopped ahead, stay right” etc.