Well done T10. The proximity radar is an awesome addition

It’s something that should’ve been added well before now but they have listened and now we all benefit from it. It’s not perfect but comparing it to the arrows we’ve had to deal with it might as well be. One thing it could really do with is a crew chief telling us when there’s a car inside/outside etc.


Possibly the most important decision for the dedicated crowd using first person cams. So basically all wheel users.


Agreed, huge thanks to the dev(s) on this one, looks excellent and I can’t wait to test it out!


I ran two free races with the new radar top-center placement. Worked clearly and effectively at giving me clues when AI were closing (and how fast) on the rear corners. I drive on a wheel in cockpit view.

Well done.


I don’t like how it doesn’t show cars directly in front of you, and I’d like it to start showing cars from farther away.


Great addition for us that use cockpit view. Racing in MP has been good so far with others leaving more room when battling hard.

Just wish it showed up when cars are a little further back to help avoid dive bombs.

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This isn’t NASCAR.

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Great to hear it is good. Haven’t had a chance to try it yet.


A spotter is another level of helpful info to facilitate clean racing.


Yeah radar is nice addition (as long as someone uses it with good intentions)

Hold on…is that what it looks like?!? If so big thumbs up from me!

How does it play then? Do you have any images of it in the other positions?

Since I play almost exclusively in multiplayer, and with hood camera, this is really a great addition. Wonderful!!!

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Most sim radars don’t show vehicles in front, for relatively obvious reasons


FH4 had a dive bomb detection, but they called it “high speed impact detection”. It worked perfectly, it would be awesome if they could work on something similar in the future and also add that the car who dive bombed gets a slow down or penalty.

Yeah you can see the car, but when you make a move to pass it takes a small bit of time for it to pop up and your brain to register. Particularly when driver seat is on the left and you’re going to try to pass on the left, and you’re not sure if there’s enough room.

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Ah, heard

please vote here


The radar is very good, but one of two. Let’s see if there is any luck and people will use it to race cleanly and not use it to know exactly where you are and hit yourself better or to solve the penalties once and for all because Forza Motorsport is going to be known as the game where driving dirty is more profitable than to be clean

Had a couple of races with it tonight (I’m a wheel user in cockpit view) and it helped me massively. I can’t believe it was never there frrom the beginning.

I like it but, there are a couple of tweaks I would like to make.

  1. Make it scale-able. For me it is kind of big. If it were half the size, it’d be perfect for me.

  2. Allow it to be placed anywhere on the screen. I do like where it’s at but if I wanted, I’d place it right at the horizon line.

  3. Color options. I’d like to pick what each element color would be. I like my car to be brighter than the opponents that way when it pops up, my eyes go to my car first.

  4. Transparency. In conjunction with resizing, and color this would really help in HUD customization.

  5. Track ribbon underlay. For those who needs a little more info on where the opponents are.

These are just changes to the radar I want but, that doesn’t mean I dislike the radar. I really like it. It’s way better than the arrows. Thank You for this.