R3 Ring Challenge

Yip its just like it sounds guys . A FULL lap of the Nurburgring !!! . I have tweaked the tune for the Scooby to suit the full track and not just the one section this time around . I think its my best Scooby tune tbh , so much so , i was able to take over two seconds off my previous PB with it . The time to beat is 7:19:284 . Clean laps only guys ( dirty laps would be FAR too easy !!! ) . As its gonna be a bit of a challenge i will make it 20 M for anyone beating my time . If anyone posts a clean PB i will give them 10 M . i will give you all plenty of time so i will make the cut off date 27/ 07 / 15 , basically one month from today .

Here is a pic of the car ( # 77 Subaru Imprezza ) and the paint to be used

Usual rules apply , all valid laps must be clean , replay must be uploaded to your SF for verification ( entitled Scooby Ring please ) . Both tunes and paint must be used for the challenge ( both entitled R3 Ring Challenge ) .

Both tune and paint are on my SF now , free of course .

I hope you all give it a shot . The Ring , IMHO , is the best course in the game for challenging your own set of driving skills , so lets see how you do ! ! !


Tomcat360x and ( possibly ) Yakov Alpha will be donating prize cars as well to the challenge . They make some really nice paints , so all the more reason to give it a go guys :slight_smile:


Prize Cars

This Subaru Impreza SGT300 is available to anyone who posts a lap time!

Contact KoolIROCZ1967 to claim this prize car.

This Ford GT GTE LM is available to anyone who beat’s the target time of 7:19:284!

Contact Tomcat360x to claim this prize car.

This Koenigsegg CCGT AMS Edition is available to anyone who posts at least one pic of the challenge car/track in this thread!

Contact Yakov Alfa to claim this prize car.

I’m glad we finally get to lap the proper Nordschleife! It’s a great flowing track, and once you learn it it’s one of the most enjoyable tracks to run IMO. The biggest challenge is keeping your pace up while being careful to not run off the track; there are many turns where you can gain a lot of time, but you may end up running into the grass and blowing the entire lap. Do you take the risk, or play it safe?

This will be interesting. ; )



That was my exact reaction when voldemortt first told me about a month ago that this challenge was coming up next. Lol

I will be on as soon as I get off of work…

I’ve got to give this a go.
I don’t think I have ever done a clean lap around the ring!

I gave the car plenty of downforce to make it easier to stay on the track and still be able to hit 180 MPH on the straights - so a competitive time is easily doable .

Hey gang!
Great set up! I grabbed and ran it last night and it rocks! Very stable and can be pushed hard thru most curves… Good luck to all!

Man, this is a tough one, after many dirty laps, finally made a clean one.
7:27.051 - lap 1
Great time Vold’s, that will take some catching, especially by me.

I make 7:17,499. Replay on my SF(lap 2). Great tune Voldemortt :slight_smile:

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DOHHHH ! ! ! !

Been there myself lol

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Thats a nicely balanced car voldemortt, can I ask what your settings are or are they a closely guarded secret? I had a few runs last night and my best was a dirty 7.20. Making the time should be ok, the biggest challenge for me is the clean lap!

I dont mind sharing my tuning method at all , if it helps others get a better tune , happy days ! !!

I use different formulas for different sections of the setup of the car . . I will go through how i get the spring settings now and when the challenge is over i will post a thread in the tuning section covering the other parts of the setup along with the settings of this tune .

For the springs , i use a formula i found when i was playing Forza 3 . The guy who posted the formula was called Feurdog , ( something like that ) . Take 300 away from the weight of the car and then divide that number by 3 . Distribute that number across the two axles according to the weight distribution % of the car .

In this instance , the weight of the car was 2540 Kg give or take a few Kg . So 300 from that gave 2240 Kg . Dividing this by 3 gave me 746Kg which i rounded up to 750Kg . When i tried this weight i felt it was a bit light so i added an extra 50 Kg , bringing the weight to be distributed upto 800 Kg .

The weight distribution is 48% front axle and 52% rear axle , giving 2% more weight on the rear axle . That simply means for every 100Kg of weight , the rear is 2 Kg heavier than the front of the car . As i want to set my combined spring weight to 800 Kg , i have to add 8*2 Kg , 16Kg more to the rear axle . If i set both axles at 400Kg i cant just add 16 Kg to the rear , that would mean im setting my weight at 816 Kg , instead , i take 8Kg from the front axle and add that to the rear axle . This leaves the settings at 392 Kg on the front axle and 408 Kg on the rear axle , which is where i want them to be with a 16 Kg weight difference biased towards the rear axle .
The formula produces a ball park number at the start . I will try it out first and see how it feels . If it needs more , or less weight , i ALWAYS go through the formula again to get the correct weight distribution of the added weight .
The rest of the formulas i use for other settings are just ball park figures i have got just from experimenting and experience really . Each ones differ from car to car and track to track . Like i said earlier , i will go through each one once the challenge is over in the tuning section .


Yip it makes all the difference keeping it clean :slight_smile:


For the springs , i use a formula i found when i was playing Forza 3 . The guy who posted the formula was called Feurdog , ( something like that ) . Take 300 away from the weight of the car and then divide that number by 3 . Distribute that number across the two axles according to the weight distribution % of the car .
is there a formula to ARB settings, also for Rebound/Bump.

Just had a run at this, managed a new pb of 7:37.097 clean lap 2.

Inadvertently ran manual without clutch, was happily mashing the clutch button all the way round both laps lol. So tiny sliver of hope I can improve but doubt I’m catching you, only time will tell. . .

Thanks for setting this up

A personal tip I’ll throw out: for me the Nurburgring is a very difficult track when using any view besides cockpit, but once I’m using cockpit view everything just seems to run more smoothly/predictably. Mistakes are easier to correct, it’s easier to drive more smoothly, you get much more feedback from the car and the track, the car feels less twitchy, etc.

This also applies to other circumstances as well. Jump into the Hennessey Venom GT without TCS… If I run it using the chase camera I can still set fast laps, but it feels unpredictable and I won’t be able to correct the car as quickly when it gets sideways. if I swap over to cockpit view, suddenly running without TCS is a breeze. I’ll know when the car’s on the edge of grip, I can continuously make minor corrections so I never have to make major ones, it’s easier to judge speed, track position, and be more consistent, etc.

I’ve tested this with a handful of people and it’s always helped them, so hopefully it can help you guys. : )

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I have tried it a few times , i find it def helps you hit the apexes more often .

True to that… I’ve discovered that while running the Koenigsegg CCGT. Every little carmovement is noticed which results in better timing on you controling.
It’s only sad that you can’t risk using it in a actual race, unless you don’t mind crashes and take-outs.