Quick, and I'm sure worn out question, about liveries and designs in Horizon 5

I know you can get the game on PC, and I'm sure there are ways to work around the livery creator directly that way, however, is there any software on PC, 3rd party or otherwise, that lets me make a design, or better yet simply get an image, and upload it to my account?

Its vectordata, fileformat is mostly .svg, there are many editors for that kind of gfx out there.

But no upload/svg-import possible…

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Anything 3rd party in forza breaks tos and IS a bannable offense.

Most painters use something called glass2k and trace the paint that way. Since all it does is make tabs transparent its an allowed tool for the job. More info here as well as other commonly used painting tricks: Forza Documentation [History, Guides, and More] - #5 by Oliver0023

If you have any questions in regards to this i would be happy to try and help you