FM5 Designs & Horizon2 livery question

Full disclosure: I’m an old dude, please go easy. I hijacked my sons xBox and am having lots of fun doing livery art.

Question: Will my design elements (like logos bits and pieces I used for my Ford Focus RS Dunkin Donuts #3, car-cup logo, individual letters, etc.) be accessible in a Horizon2 “My Vinyl Groups” tab?

I understand NOT the whole vinyl livery due to the new car mapping and poly counts, but I have a lot of time tied up in just the bits and pieces.

ford focus rs dunkin

Okay, so I jumped over to the FH2 forum - Asked and Answered followed by extreme sadness. I’m just glad I jumped on here before I ran down and bought an xBox and FM5 and FH2.

I’m in it, like many others, for the simple joy of paint. Turn10 has NOT explained why this simple feat of bringing over your FM5 vinyl groups cannot be done. It’s a deal breaker for me and I’m glad I’m a noob - I can move on before I get invested in this franchise. Shaking my head and full palm to forehead for what they have done to the paint community here.

I’ll still stick around and wait to see if they don’t actually unscrew this situation.

Because this is a hot topic I thought I would post the responses to our painting related questions when my team mates interviewed the Devs at PG:

Can we import the vinyls that we have spent hundreds of hours making in FM5 into Horizon 2?
No, nothing can be imported from FM5.

Has the search function for Paints & Liveries/tunes improved since FM5?
Again no, they are using FM5s tech for this area.

FM5 had a lot of “paint glitches” which is a nightmare for those who like to be artistic, have the car models been tweaked since their use in FM5?
Got to chat with the guy whos responsibility was just this, and he said he’d got a lot of cars remapped to remove areas where you could lay vinyls and also correct seam alignments.

Has there been any upgrades to the paint editor in FH2? Will we be able to use the ‘special paints’ like chrome in vinyl groups?
No upgrades this time, although both PTG Coops and myself (PTG Mesasphere) felt the vinyl menus seemed to load faster, in fact all the menus seemed to just work quicker and be less intrusive in to the experience.

That’s all she wrote.

UPDATE: Okay, so not a lot of comms/replies on this subject; I’m on my own. Since my last post I received a bunch of free high value cars and I have a code for half price FM5 - pretty cool. I painted a few more cars on my son’s xBox and will keep it till he gets his COD Edition xBox in November. Other friends have have talked me off the ledge and to just plain enjoy it while it lasts on xBox One - a few more years at least.

Before the game even launched the painting community started voicing displeasure with the issue. Unfortunately, the thread about it got shut down and we were told to post in the wishlist thread or be quiet about it.

I’ve already been asked by WSD to not try to start a “movement” on these forums for the issue, so I’m not gonna say much else; I’d like to avoid being banned from the forums for the time being…

Dont agree with there choice to not transfer beings you CAN’T GIFT. Doesn’t make sense over and out. …

I hope they sort out the paint shop, my designs look perfect in there and in photo mode but while driving around their always messed up Microsoft OneDrive - Access files anywhere. Create docs with free Office Online.