Forza 6 Paint/decal Question?

Dose anyone know the following, if so any response will be appreciated.

How many decal’s we can apply?

Can we add decal’s to are windows and wheel’s?

Is the editor the same as Forza H2/M5?

Are there more custom shapes to use?

Can we group layers to form one layer?

Thank you for your reply?

I fear you may have to wait until September for answers to some if not all of those questions.

Nothing has been revealed as of yet. For now, assume that the paint system is the same as Forza 5 or Forza Horizon 2.

Like the others have already metioned, we probably have to wait for the game to release. But I recon the layer amount will be the same as Forza 5/Horizon 2.

Where abouts can I find whatever info has been released on the current state of painting and distribution of said liverys in the upcoming Forza 6? Any help pointing out an article or information here would be greatly appreciated my friends. Looked through the news section here and am coming up blank.

Nice to see you back around, dont think theres been any real info other that there will be improvements, however I wouldnt expect any huge changes from the last games

Thanks man, been a while, good to see you as well. That’s a bummer, really waffling on getting this or not and was hoping to read up on it…I guess I’ll just have to wait until launch and see what state the paint booth is in.

The most recent information can be found in Max’s FAQ thread - which I linked in our Facebook Page, Steve. :wink:

Screechy was asking the same questions.

Thanks bud!!!

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I need to tidy up the FAQ this weekend for some other specific questions but I haven’t seen any specifics on the paint/decal designer features in FM6 yet (other than the ability to import full designs on FM5/FH2 cars that are confirmed for FM6, which itself allows you to infer some design features). I suggest checking in at least the first week of August, there might be more news announcements by then and at gamescom (August 4).

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I guess what we know so far is they’ve promised whole liveries will be available for transfer from fm5/ fh2 as long as the same model car makes it to fm6.

In FM community thread that was posted in this section, Helios was asked, if we could have more information on the changes to how content was shared. As the sharefront seems to be back but with a better search facility. He did say he would ask the powers that be or something along those lines but not seen anything on the subject since.

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Awesome…thanks for the info my friend, hope life’s been treating you well!!!

All is good, not much changed to be fair just older but I guess we can’t avoid that. Still as slow at typing although now I can blame my phone as posting from that - Looks like you got the same answer before I’d finished typing. Manteo’s thread is worth keeping an eye on (stickied) as he’s been pulling in info from various sites as & when it pops so tends to be well informed on what they’re sharing so far.

Hope all is good with you too - good to see a few familiar tags popping in.

Cheers D