Hey Guys. After one year i will be back soon on forza 6. While i was reading in forza 6 forums that with some patches things changed in that time.

1: why are these camers motion effects be outpatched??? Iam talking about in cockpit view at higher speed, the steering wheel and hands were shaking before beeing patched. Also in third perdon that warp speed effect at high speed is gone as it seems. That camera shaking. That sucks it deletes so much immersion :(. And before the patch it was realistic. Without the steering/hand shaking motion effect in cockpit at higher speeds or bumpy track it looks now so unrealistic. Like driving on ice. Why did they do that??? Also in horizon 3 the effect is also gone (in horizon 2 it was implemented).

2: ive read that there was a problem while ago with the ffb vibration on controller. Is it fixed now and feels like before on launch?

3: has the physic model been patched in some way… like making it easier to drive in rain? Ive read crazy stuff

  1. I always race in cockpit mode, but I can’t answer this one because I never really pay attention to what’s going on inside the car, more focused on what’s on the road ahead of me.

  2. Can’t you just turn off vibration anyways? I haven’t really noticed any difference in the vibration, feels the same as it always has.

  3. Yes…they added a new thing called tuning. From what I’ve seen in many racing series is that racing in the rain is never easy