question in regarding steering wheel controlleers for pc

hey ive been thinking of getting a controller to play forza with and was wondering if any of the playstation steering wheels will work well with forza on pc or should be better off getting a controller that supports xbox one?

As far as I’m aware, all “consumer” level wheels will support either PS+PC or Xbox+PC. Any wheel that supports PS or Xbox should also support PC.

You can also use a Drive Hub to adapt, I have a wheel for Xbox+PC that I use with a PS4 using a Drive Hub.

There is a new Logitech wheel, the G923, that supports all 3 of PS, Xbox and PC.

There are higher end “enthusiast” wheels that are PC only, e.g. Simucube.

As for what FH4 itself supports on PC, there is a list here:

Looking at the supported list, why why why why why is the Fanatec P1 Xbox wheel with 2.5 base not supported on PC!!! It is the perfect wheel for FH4, as it has all the Xbox buttons. The code to properly support it clearly exists in the game, as it’s supported on Xbox, surely it should be easy to also support it on PC. That’s the wheel and base I have, and I have to create custom button mappings, which is far from ideal due to custom button mappings not allowing context sensitive mappings like the in-built mappings provide, and the custom mappings don’t always work properly, e.g. when rewinding more than one step.

ok thx for your info. so now i know i can get either a xbox version or ps version. just gotta wait for a sale.

You might want to wait a while. The PS5 and the new xBox will be coming out soon and you’ll probably want to make sure whatever you buy will be compatible with one or the other. Nobody knows yet as far as I can find out.

Perhaps buy a second hand Logitech Driving Force Pro to tide you over? I can confirm that works well with the PC on FH4

I haven’t seen anything about Xbox, but it has been confirmed that all officially supported PS4 wheels will work with PS5.