A Question about The Logitech G923....

Hello All,

I recently purchased a Logitech G923 Sim Race Wheel (PS4) thinking I was being a smart consumer and could have the best of both worlds.
You see I have enjoyed both Gran Turismo and Forza for years and wanted to get the one that would, Based on everything I read, Allow me to play both of them.
I thought I could play Gran Turismo on Console and Forza Motorsport 7 on PC.
Throw in the fact that I have Game Pass Ultimate and that most if not all first party XBox titles would arrive day and date to game pass and it was a win win situation.

Fast forward to now…
I can’t seem to get my Wheel to be recognized by either Motorsport 7 or Horizon.
My assumption is because I’m using Game Pass which essentially “Emultates” (another assumption…not sure if that’s accurate) an XBox one on my PC, that it won’t recognize my “PS4” Wheel.
Even though the website says that the wheel is compatible with Forza on PC, It doesn’t specify that only the Xbox Version works with Forza.

I saw a video of a guy playing Horizon on PC with a G29 (PS4) and I’m wondering if maybe I’m just not doing something right?

Long Story Short…Is anyone else out there Using a G923(PS4) for Forza 7 or Horizon on PC?
If so, How did you get it to work?

I’m satisfied with just Playing GT Sport with my wheel…But if I CAN play both, I’d love to.

Thanks in Advance to anyone who has any insight.