Question about the E-ray

So we’ve learned today that the corvette e-ray is tied to preordering Motorsport, but is there any clarification of what that means to gamepass owners? Like am I going to have to pay for a game that I was already planning to play because I pay for a service instead?

@ManteoMax clarified it here: Let's GO! livestream Friday Sep. 8th | Horizon Creatives update (Series 25) - #54 by T10ManteoMax

“The Corvette E-Ray will be available to every Forza Horizon 5 player who downloads and plays Forza Motorsport. Those with early access to Forza Motorsport, included with the Premium Edition and Premium Add-Ons Bundle, will be able to redeem this reward starting from October 5. All Forza Motorsport players can drive it in Forza Horizon 5 starting October 10, including those who play on Game Pass.”

As you can see it’s not tied to pre-ordering or any premium editions. Once you play Motorsport at October 10 you have access to it in Horizon 5.


So if u dont play forza motorsport at all will the corvette be available in the end up on fh5 that’s what i want to know

Not based on this quote unless pgg/t10 decide differently

Thank you, I didn’t see this!

So, if I don’t buy Forza Motorsport and don’t have game pass, I won’t be able to use the Corvette on FH5?

Quick question will u be able to get the new corvette in weeka or months to come after forza motorpsort has released in playlist or that or will u only be able to ever get it if u play forza motorsport thankyou

They’ve made no indication that they’ll offer the car down the line. I think if you commit not to so much as downloading the FM game, then you don’t get the car. I’m open to being corrected of course but that’s what I’ve gleaned from their remarks. They’d have to ‘change their mind’ for that to change.

In other words, pay a bundle for one car. It all depends if you feel it’s worth it. I mean, if you’re a Motorsport fan already, it’s not a big deal. It’s all just a method to intice horizon users over to motorsport games if they’re not already. Personally, I’m not sure if I want to. The game looks great but my understanding is that players on that game take the races quite seriously and I’m not ready to be pulled into something that’s going to probably just stress me out. LOL. To each their own though.

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And it’s something that may not exactly work very well, especially with those on console. You think of XSS, with FH5 and the new FM, that’s going to pull you WAY above half of available internal storage if you haven’t bought an expansion card or are planning on buying the “new” 1Tb version. Delete something else played regularly just to get one car? Somehow I don’t think that will happen.

Then we come to those with slower internet connections. Hours upon hours of downloading just to get one car? You’ll be a real diehard to do that, especially if you’re not interested in FM.

That’s just Game Pass users who can get the game without splashing out the folding stuff, otherwise spend THAT much just to get one car? That ain’t viable.

Then there’s other examples to look at. Spend money on Oreos to get a car? No, I like my diabetes where it is. Buy Doritos for an irrelevant costume? Nope. Once you add in other tie ins, like a gamepad that smells of pizza, you see where negativity breeds and ANY kind of tie in can be rejected no matter what.

If you’re THAT worried about not having one car, whoever you are, I envy you for having so few problems with your life.

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I added Motorsport to my wish list and when they opened pre-order on Steam I did. However, I’m not sure that I’ll get the eRay, since Steam players didn’t get the 1932 Ford FE with the FH5 Xbox controller.

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That’s a good point, since Steam tends to be “different” due to the client. Cross saves between Steam PC and Xbox don’t go, iirc, so will people be caught out by this by paying for something and not getting the expected “reward”?

Is there any clarity on this, because unless things are made clear there could be some rather disappointed people and some very nasty PR.

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I didn’t buy FM23 for the reward car in FH5. But its nice to have here too.

I hope this time they will extend the reward to Steam community.

Officially, the eRay will be given to every player who plays FM23. No exclusion of Steam mentioned.

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If anyone is buying a game just to get a car in another, there’s something wrong with them in my book. But just because they haven’t mentioned any exclusion doesn’t mean they actually thought it through properly and ensured inclusion.

Oversights are possible, clarity would be nice.


@Banjacked8153 , Thanks for the vote of confidence in my normalcy! Although there are many other numerous factors why I’m not buying. It’s nice to know I’m normal. :thinking:

:upside_down_face::laughing::crazy_face::upside_down_face: somewhat!


Define “normal”, for I’m “normal” for an electrician and we’re a breed who does not have loose screws to count because so many were never fitted in the first place.

I just want to know if it will ever come to the playlist the new corvette or will it be u have to play new forza motorsport to get it and will not ever come to fh5 to people that dont play new forza motorsport it be nice to have clarity

I must be missing the punchline here as to what is so “special” about the E-Ray that would drive this kind of interest. I could see it if it were an exclusive car that has long since been sought after (& maybe that’s the case with this one & I’m just oblivious), but I personally don’t see the big appeal. Not to mention the sound of it from the livestream.

@Banjacked8153 , Hahahha. Normal is defined in the show Cheers - “Norm”.

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I think it can be summed up with “I want everything NOW no matter what, IT’S NOT FAIR”.

Mind you, that sums up the attitude of half the planet now, never mind just those playing a video game, as soon as someone gets something they don’t they go full Violet Elizabeth Bott

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