Question about driving assistance and FWD cars

I want ask other people about one thing that I experienced. During dirt races on FWD cars so named gamepad driving assistance doing the bad thing. It trying make too many counter steering when car going to a drift. This situation causing car sliding to the outer turning side. Increasing understeer further. I disabled all assistants exception ABS. Simulation steering mode is only partial solution. I can control car better using my steering wheel than using gamepad. Btw RWD and AWD cars do not have this problem.

Should I report it as a bug? Should I ask the option for adjustable counter steering (especially for FWD cars)?


In my experience, Standard steering is the best option for a controller. Assisted is like driving one of those Student Driver cars with two steering wheels and Captain Trollface is in the instructor position.


Standard is always bad and H5 has more assisted simulation than before.

Standard is not bad on FH4, I’ve always used it. I’m continuing to use it in FH5 and seem to be managing fine too.


It’s very assisted, it’s for little kids without any skill or newbies. Even simulation is very assisted.

I only post in case other people read and follow your advice, which is bad advice. Top players are using ‘normal’ steering on a pad (or keyboard indeed).

That’s fine, if you can’t steer, normal is OK. Keyboard is much more assisted than gamepad, it’s for even smaller kids. Just press gas and wait. :smiley:

Face palm…

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I take it you realised Turtle was trolling you? As they troll the forums daily? Given they were basically saying, you are a useless, talentless child unless you use a wheel


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Not true. I know you can steer. But you don’t understand helpers in Horizon. Normal is not good. Simulation is the only way. KB is completely different level, game steers for you.

No. Stop.

Normal steering is perfect for gamepad and keyboard, since neither of those devices have the ffb necessary to feel the car, you need some assistance to make it more natural. If you had no assistance at all it would be a hot mess.

Sim steering doesn’t remove the input filters for those devices anyway, it simply unleashes the full weight transfer/inertia of the physics (well supposed to, but its not working correctly in fh5) which makes it very difficult to control slides because the input assistance only works when driving straight.

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So why it works fine in any simulator?

On a gamepad? Yeah nah, no assistance on a joystic is a nightmare for full sim physics

Yes, it’s completely normal. Check some videos. There is no problem with anything. Horizon is very assisted but simulation always had least assists. Not the best but better than nothing. Horizon has GT assists set. KB assists are completely different level.

My God dude just stop. First you say ANY simulator, then you say horizon, We all know there is less (supposed to be) assistance with sim steering but that doesn’t mean there is none at all, you cannot turn off the input filter/assist for the controller/keyboard, which by the way are the exact same.

horizon does not have GT assist set, it has forza assist set which every other forza game has.

I’d just concede defeat on this one…you can’t win an argument against Turtle, not when their frequent counter-argument is “Forza Horizon 5 is perfect” or some variant of it.

If it’s not there would be some hotfixes, right?

Maybe I badly joined paragraphs. Any simulator is easy on any gamepad.

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