Quartz Regalia (Final Fantasy)

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Quartz Regalia

This is a fantasy model from the Final Fantasy XV game.

This model was featured in Forza as the

  • 723 Quartz Regalia (FH3-FH4)
  • 723 Quartz Regalia Type-D (FH4)


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Which model do you prefer?

  • Regalia
  • Regalia Type-D
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Will it be possible for it to come back to FH5? it’s been a year now since it didn’t return.


Possibly, But I hope it will be back in FH5.

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With the release of FF XVI, I hope they add this car in the game soon


Type D please

Well its up to final fantasy/square enix if they want the quartz regalia to be added to fh5. They might say no. But i doubt it coming back because in fh4 the licensing deal expired for the quartz regalia in april 2021 i think and it got removed from the festival playlist and forzathon shop in fh4.

So the only way to get the quartz regalia and the quartz regalia type d in Forza Horizon 4 is through auction house.

Quartz Regalia (normal, Type D, Type Z)

Can we get the flying version? :wink:

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That’s the Type Z


Both will be great, please.

@T10ManteoMax . Hi. One question. Didn’t you said that cars that are in a render or clay stage will never come to the forza franchise? So how this one is in FH4?

Video game collab.

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Why not make a collaboration with industrial designers?

I don’t know what that is

Something like vision gran turismo program. Bring concept cars made by industrial designers.

I doubt this will ever happen and that’s fine there are so many amazing cars we don’t have yet that they need to focus on

The SHUB Voting section was not around when this car was added to FH3 (and later FH4).

We are not adding any new topics for renders or clay models but vehicles that have previously existed in the series as a result of a partnership are still considered valid (Quartz, Chryslus Rocket, Quaddra, Warthog etc).

If you want to see any more of these fictional models we recommend making a post in Partnerships & Merchandise for a collaboration with the designers/entity in question.