You know I am not someone to get mad really easy, but I feel like something has to be said about Forza Motorsport and their inability to understand what they players like. In the transition between xbox 360 and xbox one they gave players the new paint choices and wheels and things like that, but they removed one of the most important aspects of the community, trading/selling vinyl groups and designs. I bought an Xbox one and forza horizon 2 because Forza is my favorite gaming franchise. The reason is because I have met many people some who I still know and talk to on a regular basis, not just in game, but in real life and social media. How I met these people is from buying and selling vinyl groups on forza. In fact when I got forza 3 I liked it and decided to try my hand at designing and it turned out I loved it because It was easy to share my work and meet others who enjoyed and see what they themselves have made and be able to trade or buy their designs. With Forza 4 they made it so you couldn’t sell them anymore with the Auction House no longer being available, but we could still trade, but now removing the storefront and the auction house, it is an abomination! I for one will not purchase DLC, will not purchase VIP, will not purchase another Forza game until Turn 10, Microsoft, Playground, whoever can guarentee beyond a shadow of a doubt that the ability to gift vinyl groups is at least returned to the game. It is the one thing I enjoy most in Forza and I am sure it is the same for many of you. I bought forza 3 and loved it, forza 4 and loved it, forza horizon and loved it, and now I have just beaten forza horizon 2 and am now saying “now what”. Turn 10 get your act together or you won’t see another dime from me. What happened in Forza 3 you had 400+ cars, in forza horizon 2 you have half that. You keep taking and taking and taking away from us loyal players the things we love and refuse to give them back. WHY? With the loss of these aspects I have to lost my sense of community within the forza world. I feel personally attacked by turn 10 and want more then anything for things to go back to the way they were.

List of changes through the years

-Forza 3-Forza 4-increased the number of unicorn cars effect: neutral-positive
-forza 4-forza horizon-dropping of the auction house effect: negative
Forza horizon to forza 5/forza horizon 2-dropping of the storefront effect: negative
---------------------------------------------Dropping the ability to trade vinyls effect:negative
Number of cars forza 3- forza horizon 2 from 400+ to 200 effect: negative
Improved graphics effect: positive
Bringing in celebrities and top tier forza tuners and designers for monthly challenges effect: possitive
Bringing back tuning effect: positive
Forza 3 had ten cars/car pack now theres five and if I am not mistaken it costs more now effect negative

Im not saying its all bad, but whats next Forza motorsport 6 launches with a massive amount of cars totaling 20 in all. Race in 20 cars worldwide, no upgrading, no tuning, no storefront, no auction house and do so on all 4 tracks ranging from top gear track, top gear track reverse, mazda leguna seca, and mazda leguna seca reverse. We have improved the graphics of the dirt so you can see ur tire tracks, but no rain, no night, no lighting. and for a 20 time purchase of $20 we will give you 40 new cars and out of the 40 only one of them is actually worth anything as the rest are absolute garbage. and for another $60 dollar purchase we will give you the nurnburgring and for a purchase of $1000 we will give you 400 cars 20 tracks and everything else not in the game currently. *note this $1000 dollar purchase is only for half of the stuff listed above. I would rather wait 5 years as Dan Greenwalt said it would take them to make the perfect game, than keep putting up with this. I mean look at bethesda they released skyrim 5 years after oblivion and it was probably one of the best games around and still has a huge following and its been 3 since skyrim came out. Now they got eso which they put out too quickly and are having tons of problems because the game isn’t as good as it should be it costs too much and is filled with bugs. If Forza keeps going the way it does soon forza will be ESO and no one will play it.


I fully agree with you too many essentials missing am sure alot of people will agree that FM4 was the best ever, FM5 has the graphics but lacks content when it came to DLC we should get completely new cars to the game not cars that have been in previous games. we should get a bundle so we can select what we want or if not get new cars. LOL no one hears us mate its all falling on deaf ears. I would really like them to repair the EVO 10 turbo upgrade issue that currently still a problem in FM5 and FH2 oh well.

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