Loyal Forza Players Being Left out in the Cold!

This Thread is My Quite Possibly the Last Thing i will do in the Forza Community!..I Fully Understand That I Will Get Flamed for Saying Whats On My Mind But i Dont think I Am Alone in This!

I Have been a Loyal Player of the Forza Brand…I Bought Forza 5 in Hopes Someday I would be Able to Get the Xbox One so i could Continue Playing the Greatest Racing Game I Have Ever Seen…Being the Unlucky One in a Downed Economy I Was Very Happy When i Saw Horizon 2 Was Coming to Xbox 360 as My Favorite Game Was Forza Horizon!

After Playing the Game for the First time I Immediatly Found Out that All the Loyal Players that Cant Afford the Next Gen Console Have Been Thrown Out On the Street to Be Abandoned…Below Are the Only Things I Was Hoping For and Ended Up Being Robbed of ALL of them "I Dont Mind Not Getting the Preorder Cars they Give Away on the Xbox One*!

Cars I Was Looking Forward To: 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO, American Motors Rally Fighter, Dodge Ram Runner…No Where in Sight! Forza Rewards…Completely SHUT DOWN…VIP Membership…Not LOYAL Enough to Recieve VIP…Any DLC AT ALL…Guess We are SOL in that Field Too…How About a Prize Wheel…SORRY…But We are Not LOYAL Enough for that As Well!

IM NOT ASKING FOR A MIRACLE, But PLEASE Give us Something for Trying to Stay Loyal to the Community!

In Closing I Can See Turn 10 isnt Living up to their Word From the Start…Rewarding the Community For Buying their Product…I Am Getting the Xbox One soon But After Seeing How they are Treating the Forza Community On the Xbox 360 I Will NOT Be Getting the Xbox One Version of FH2…They Threw Me out in the Cold in a Money Crisis and I Will NEVER Forget that!


While I agree with you for the most part, there were quite a lot of red flags that suggested the 360 version was going to be much less of a game than the Xbox One version. That said, I have a simple formula for determining the greatness/suckiness of a new game:

IF a new Xbox 360/PS3/XB1/PS4 game is priced at $49.99 or less instead of the normal $59.99 price point AT LAUNCH - THERE’S A REASON, folks. To me that was my first, best giveaway that FH2 for the 360 was going to be severely lacking.

I Agree…That Should have Been a Clue to it, But i Still Wanted to give it a Chance as I Own Every Forza Game and have Played through Most of it up to F5

So now it’s Turn 10’s fault that you don’t earn enough money? Don’t make yourself ridiculous dude.
And btw, not every word in the world starts with a capital letter.

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So your saying he’s wrong for feeling what t10 did to 360 fh2, as being unacceptable or in-adequate?

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Im Sorry but i dont have Parents Buying me the Newest Product…Health Problems have been Eating up my Money, and Obama Care has left me without Healthcare…I Dont expect you to know anything about Money Problems!

Thank you for your feedback.

You can contact the developers by email at forzafb@microsoft.com

Loyalty?, to a games franchise?, bizarre.

There is another franchise that offers a comparable gaming experience and another coming soon.

And I’ll probably buy it, I have no loyalty or bias either way, if a product is good and will bring me fun and entertainment, I’ll buy it, regardless of franchise, I just don’t get the blind loyalty, it’s very one sided.

I’d rather have an imperfect 360 version of the game than no game at all.
As a long time Playstation user, I bought an Xbox 360 E in March for Forza 4, Forza Horizon, PGR4 and TDU1. I wasn’t expecting Forza Horizon 2 to come to the 360 at all.
So I’m grateful that they still released a game for 360, and I’m currently really enjoying it so far